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Optronics Fusion LED Trailer Tail Light Installation

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How to Install the Optronics Fusion LED Trailer Tail Light

Hello neighbors, it's Brad here at etrailer. And today we have the Optronics 6.5 inch oval light. Now this is a submersible LED fusion light, that has red and clear, and this is gonna be for your reverse light function. So whether you're replacing an old bulb for a nice LED function or you want to add the reverse light, this is gonna be a great upgrade that's really easy to put on your trailer. So here we have our normal incandescent trailer light here, with our running lights on. You can see it's doing a fine job but incandescent bulbs have filaments and filaments can break pretty easily, especially with hitting some bumps on the road.

And the lifespan is just not that great. They also tend to draw a lot more power than your LED and overall it's kind of an old school technology. LEDs have come so far and they give such better light that it's really a easy upgrade to do and it's gonna make the trailer just look newer overall. So let's take a look and see what it looks like with the LED bulb. Now here you can see our LED installed, nice and clean looking.

And we also have added our two-prong plug here for our reverse light function. So here you can see we've added reverse lights, which is a great function because as you're backing up, there's no reverse alarm. So if you're in a parking lot, maybe with some cars and your trailer starts rolling back, people aren't gonna really see that it's reversing. So having these reverse lights here is a great way to make sure that you stay safe, as well as people around you. So now, you can truly see the difference.

We have our brake lights on here. This was our original, and here's our LED. And as you can tell, this just makes the trailer look a lot more modern and you're also just gonna have a longer lifespan. And overall, just a more efficient light that's more visible. Now we put these on an enclosed trailer, as you can tell and I hope that this is never submerged but if you're putting this on your boat trailer, these are completely sealed.

So you can have them powered up, go underwater and they're all sealed to where they're not gonna cause any damage. To replace your old light, it's gonna be pretty simple here. You're gonna want to unplug, that you have a three prong plug on your light. Now, if you're in an enclosed trailer you may have to pull off a panel to access it. But if you're on a normal trailer you should be able to see the light from the backside. You're gonna want to unplug the standard three prong. And this is pretty common throughout most trailers. Once you have this unplugged, it's gonna be pretty easy to just kind of push the light. Now, sometimes the grommet, you may have to give it a little bit of pressure. We're gonna up and down, but with a little bit of force here, we should be able to get this to pop out just like that. Now our new Optronics light has the standard three prong as well, but also you can see since it's the red and clear, we have our reverse light function. So if you have a five pole or a seven pole, you have the ability to plug in to the two prong down here for your reverse lights. So with our light, I'll just go ahead and simply put even pressure and then just kinda work it down until it sits nice and flush or set in that grommet. And we're just gonna go ahead and get our plug back in place. We may need to kind of pop this out, plug it in and then move it in place if it is tight, like this one here. We should be able to get this and these bullet connectors. Sometimes they need a little bit of pressure to really get 'em to pop in, but it can really only go one way. So once you have it set up right, just go ahead and push that in. Now, if you are replacing your light and you have a damaged plug here, you can actually get a replacement or if you are adding a reverse light, just as we are on this one, then you can also pick up the two prong to make that function work. And that was a look and installation of the Optronics fusion LED, red and clear six and a half inch oval light..

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