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Optronics GloLight LED Trailer Tail Light Installation

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How to Install the Optronics GloLight LED Trailer Tail Light

Hi, everyone. Aiden here with and today we're gonna be taking a look at this taillight from Optronics. Now this is going to be an LED taillight giving you all your normal functions, like your running light, your brake light, and your turn signal. Right now, we've got the running light on there and it's in that nice, smooth, outer band. But if I come back to the turn signal here and turn that on, you can see that the inner diodes are gonna be your turn signals and your brake lights. So we get that nice solid band for the running light and that brighter light in the middle for our other functions.

It gives the light a really cool look in my opinion and it's going to work really well on your trailer. Let's check it out. So LEDs are gonna last a lot longer, just in general. If you've got incandescent lights on your trailer already and you're looking to maybe replace them, cuz one of them burnt out or cracked, an LED would be a great option. It is gonna be really durable with a polycarbonate housing.

It's gonna keep things impact-resistant and it's going to put out really good light with much better power efficiency as well. Now everything on here is completely sealed, waterproof and even submersible. So if you're gonna plan to put this on a boat trailer, you're not gonna have to worry about any sort of water intrusion to the housing here. Just make sure you do use heat shrink butt connectors when you're making those wiring connections in the back. Around the border here, we do have four different mounting points.

On ours today, we just use the top and the bottom one here cuz that's what our old light was using, but you can use all four to make a really secure connection if you want. And speaking of install, everything's gonna be really simple. All you're gonna need to do is make three wiring connections in the back and then however you choose to mount it and you'll be good to go. So the first step of our install is to remove the old light. For ours today, we've just got two self-tapping screws that I will remove on the top and bottom here.

Every application might be a bit different depending on what you've got set up for your trailer. And once we do get this removed, all the wires in the back are already disconnected so we'll be able to just pull the whole light housing away from the trailer. So then we can pull that back like this. We've got our three wires and we've got our other three ends right here that we will connect the new light to. So with the running lights on on our vehicle, we can go and test. We've got our ground hooked up on our white wire there and then if I go and touch this black wire we can see that it's lighting up, letting us know that the black wire on the trailer side is also going to be for our running lights and that red wire will also be for our stop and turn signal. Now that we've identified the wiring on our trailer and we know that it all matches up to the colors of our new light, I'm gonna actually strip back the ends of these wire leads just a little bit to give us more room to get a good connection. So let's use a pair of wire strippers and pull back some of that sheathing. So once we've got all those ends stripped back a bit, I like to just twist the ends of the wire to make sure that it all stays together. We can slide on a heat shrink butt connector and then crimp that in place. And what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna crimp all three on the end of the light here just so they're securely in place and then I'll start attaching it to the trailer side. Once we have that crimped down just make sure you give it a little tug, make sure everything's secure and then we can go back through and repeat that process for our other wires. Once we've made those connections, we can easily just repeat that process, matching the wire colors like we have found before by testing our wires. And we can crimp that onto the other end, repeating that process for the remaining wires. Then we wanna come back with our heat gun after all those connections have been made and we can shrink down those butt connectors. Then we can just reattach our new light the same way that we had our old one attached. If you picked up new hardware, now that would be the time to break that out and mount up your light. But for ours today, we're just gonna be reusing the self-tapping screws that we're in place before. Once we've made all our connections and reattached the light, we can verify that all those connections are working. We'll start with our running lights here, our brake lights and then our turn signal. Once we verified that everything there is in working order we're ready to hit the road. And that's about all there is to it for the Optronics Tail Light here. Thanks for watching..

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