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Optronics Heavy Duty Magnetic Tow Lights Review

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Review of the Optronics Heavy Duty Magnetic Tow Lights

Announcer: Today we'll be taking a look at the Optronics Heavy Duty Magnetic Tow Lights for a 4 flat trailer connector, part number TL21RK.Demonstrater: Here's what it looks like once it's installed. They have a nice, sturdy base, magnetic base, that's going to make it stay on the car. They are designed to fit into a 4 flat on the back of your RV. You're going to have 1 single red light on each side. It's going to act as your turn signal, your tail light, and your brake light. It will affix to any metal surface, such as your roof or a trunk.

It's a very easy, quick install. In this case, we are adding them in unison with the tow package that we have that uses the factory tail lights. In this case, our customer has a bike rack attached to the back of their towed vehicle. We want to make sure that people are able to see their tail lights, which might be obstructed a little bit by our bike rack, so we're going to have a little added security by having the lights on the roof as well. This is what our kit is going to consist of. Our 2 magnetic lights, 20 feet of cable to attach to your vehicle, 4 flat. It also comes with a 3 foot harness of your vehicle is not equipped with a 4 flat connector that you can tie into with the provided quick connects. Now, let me run over some features I'm going to go ahead and show you how to install them.

We're going to take our left light, which is the one with the single wire, denoted with the yellow, place it on our car. You want to just place it and let it snap down. Careful not to drag it across your paint, possibly scratching it. Then we can place our right turn signal on. Then we ca start running our wire to the front of our vehicle.

We went ahead and attached the wiring and bunched it up in the middle of our car with a zip tie just to keep it all together, and we just went ahead and routed it along our roof rack. We kind of weave in and out to zig-zag it and keep it from falling off the side of the car. Brought it down, we put it between the windshield wiper and the arm, just to keep it in place so it can't some off the sides. We went underneath our guardian, following our towed vehicle wiring harness, then plugged it into our 4 flat receptacle. Now we can test our running lights, our left turn signal, and our right turn signal, and our brakes. That's going to do it for a look at the Optronics Heavy Duty Magnetic Tail Lights for a 4 flat trailer connector, part number TL21RK.

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Having difficult finding a product for my utility trailer. I want magnetic LED lights if possible with sidelights. Also because it’s a utility trailer and not a vehicle it has a high fold up tailgate. Therefore the magnetic mounting surface would need to be horizontal and not vertical. Do you have any suggestions?Thanks
Etrailer Expert
Reply from Chris R.

I think the best option we have is the Peterson Magnetic Tow Lights # PE26UR . These have more of a horizontal/rectangular base that should match up better to the surface you're working with. If these won't work though then the next best thing I can offer is standard wiring so you can wire up the trailer the old fashioned way. Let me know if you decide to that route and we can go from there.

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