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Optronics RV LED Porch and Utility Light Review and Installation

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Review and How to Install the Optronics RV LED Porch and Utility Light

What's up everybody Adam here with etrailer. Today, we're gonna be taking a look at the Optronics Oval LED light. And this is gonna be for either the interior or the exterior of your trailer or your camper. So this light's gonna have a little toggle switch on it. It's gonna be LED and it is for your a 12 volt DC systems. It's gonna pull about 0.32 amps, and it has about 16 diodes.

So if I go ahead and kinda pull this lens off real quick, you can see all the diodes going around, and LEDs are gonna be the best in my opinion, just because 1, they're gonna last about 50 times longer. You're not gonna have to replace the bulbs or anything like that. They use a little bit less draw than most, and all those diodes is just so much better than just one little incandescent bulb. It has a little lens right here. So it kind of helps spread that light out, so you don't really have to look directly at those LEDs.

So that's always a plus, it just kind of snaps into place once you get it perfectly lined up, like that. So this is gonna be a water resistant tight case, but if you do put on the outside, I do recommend that you put a little bit of some sealant around there, just so it doesn't leak in through the sides. As far as measurements go, it's gonna have an overall length of about 6-5/16ths of an inch. The overall height is gonna be about 3-5/16" And at its farthest point, it's only gonna stick out about 1-7/8" And then at the lowest point down here, it's gonna stick out about 5/8". We have a durable acrylic snap-on lens in the front, and it's gonna be nice and clear.

It has these little lines in it to kind of spread that light out a little bit. A lot of these lights on these older trailers and campers, they start to kind of fade over time, this is gonna resist against that. And then the housing is white and it's made of ABS plastic. So it's not really gonna be super brittle, and if you're in the really, really cold states or the really hot states, it's also not gonna fade away. It's a two wire design, so you just need to hookup positive and negative, and then flip on the switch and you're done.

So if you wanna see this, install this, stick around, we're gonna show you how we did it. First we'll figure out where we're putting the light. And then wherever we find out where we're gonna put it, we wanna make sure that we have a positive wire at least, or a place to ground our wire. So we're gonna have two here, we are all good there. And since we have a toggle switch on the light, we really don't have to worry about adding one or anything. So let's take some heat shrink butt connectors to make these connections. The best way to do it, in my opinion, if you don't have some, we do. So just add it to your cart. Kinda slide that on there and crimp it down. We'll do that same exact thing for the other wire. Give it a good tug, make sure it's nice and solid. Then we do the same thing over here. And we do want to make sure that the wires, we know what function they are. 'Cause sometimes it's not gonna be black to black and white to white, but we already checked that, and in this case, it is. So you just add these on the other side and crimp them down. And one thing to kind of see on the light itself, right here, the white wire comes in and gets welded onto that plate. So that's gonna be our negative. So coming out from the light, the white wire is gonna be negative and our black wire is gonna be positive. Before we go any further, we want to make sure that it works, and that is bright, and it does work. So now we can kind of finish all this up, get all of our wires back, put down in there, so we can mount it up. And for the mounting, we actually do have mounting hardware that is included. So you don't have to source that yourself. It's just a Phillips bit. So that's all you really need to do. And if you are drilling into metal, for whatever reason, you might want to maybe replace them with some self-tappers so it'll go in a little bit easier. Get it into place and screw it down. There's only gonna be two. There's only gonna be two different holes. So one here and one over there. And when we're mounting this up, we don't want to over-tighten it. So I have a little bit of play right here, so I'll just do a little bit more, because it is a plastic housing, we don't want to really crack that or anything. And also you want to make sure that the switch is on bottom, just so that the light is gonna angle down towards the floor. We're gonna take our lens with the two tabs up top, fit it into these little slots, get in there, and kind of push it in just like that. And we're good to go. And that just about does it for our look at the Optronics Oval LED Light with the toggle switch for your interior or exterior needs..

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