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Optronics LED Trailer Clearance or Side Marker Light Installation

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How to Install the Optronics LED Trailer Clearance or Side Marker Light

Hello, neighbors. It's Brad here at etrailer, and today we're taking a look at installing the Optronics three-diode LED clearance lights for your trailer. So here you can see, we have two of our LED lights already installed, and this is what our original one look like, and you can see it's just kind of hazy, and cleaning the lens might bring it back a little bit, but it's really hard to compare in incandescent bulb to the LED bulbs, and the reason being not only for the light that it emits, but also you're getting a more consistent less energy-consuming, and a longer lifespan with the LED. It's just a little better technology. There's no filaments. Another great thing about these is they are sealed.

So they're gonna be submersible. So on your boat trailer, these can go underwater. It's not gonna cause any issue. Also, a new grommet is included. So changing out the light's gonna give it a fresh look, but also having fresh grommets in that nice black instead of faded black is gonna re really give the trailer a fresh look.

Now the three diodes are going to emit a good amount of light compared to your incandescent, and it's just gonna be a cleaner little bit more modern-looking on your trailer. And the best part about LEDs is longer lifespan, better light, and also there's really nothing that can go wrong as far as a bulb burning out. These have a extremely long lifespan. So once you put these on their trailer, they should last a long time, and look really good in the process. To replace your lights is pretty simple.

You're gonna have a factory two-prong plug more than likely. So you're gonna want to unplug that first. So we'll just unplug this, and the great part too is it does come with a new connector. This two-prong here, so you can use a new one or you can use your existing one if it's in good condition but once unplugged, we'll just simply push on the back side of the light, and we can get this light out. It's gonna make that grommet a lot easier to come out 'cuz we can kind of just fold this, and peel it out.

So now it's a good time, and if you want to clean up the surface, and that way it kind of seals up a little bit better. So now we'll get our new grommet in place, and you're gonna see the Optronics logo. You're gonna want that facing up, and it's gonna have a lip here that's gonna kind of bite into this metal, and this is gonna seal around it. So the main goal is peeling this back, getting that ridge behind the metal. And once you kinda get one side in, you can kind of work your way around, and sometimes a little soapy water can also help kind of move the process along. Once you kinda get that, you can also kind of rotate it around to kind of work that edge in. I'm going to be able to pop this in. And again, this has a logo, Optronics here, so I'm gonna match that up just making sure that this is aligned, and that these are kind of following a nice horizontal path. So here we're just going to give it a nice even pressure, and kind of pushing on the backside too can help, but you'll see it's gonna start to get flush here in our grommet and just kind of work your way around it making sure it's even, and nice and seated. If you're not using your existing plug here, you're gonna grab your new two prong, and you'll see it has a black wire, and that's just gonna attach to our power source. And then we have a white wire for a ground. It's already got the ring terminal attached. So that's pretty nice. Well, I'm gonna go ahead, and put our new one in. So I'm gonna cut our existing power, and our ground. Now the kit does not come with quick splices, so you can kind of choose your own method for attaching. Now, if this is something that's living outside of the trailer, we're an enclosed one, so we don't have to worry too much about elements, but you might want to pick up some heat shrink butt connectors 'cuz once you crimp those down and heat, 'em up it's gonna create a nice seal, making sure that that water doesn't get in there, and break down your wires. So now that our power is connected, I'm gonna go ahead and take out our self-tap and screw. And that way I can get our ring terminal mounted up for our ground. So now hooked up to our ground and power, we can go ahead and take our two prong connector. Now, if you are putting pressure of these bullet pins, I do take a little bit of force, so I suggest having your hand on the actual lighting fixture so it doesn't push out of the grommet. And now we have that attached. So all that's left to do is test to make sure it works. So now you can hook up to your trailer, and turn on your clearance lights to check. All that's left to do is replace any other lights you may want to update, and then just kind of clean up your wiring, and enjoy your clearance lights. And that was a look in installation of the Optronics three-diode LED clearance lights for your trailer..

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