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Optronics LED Trailer Clearance and Side Marker Light Installation

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How to Install the Optronics LED Trailer Clearance and Side Marker Light

Hello neighbors. It's Brad here E-trailer. And today we're taking a look at installing the optronics LED side marker and clearance lights for trailers. How many times your trailers are gonna be stored outside or they've just seen a lot of sun or elements and your amber lights for your clearance or side markers can get faded or cracked or the bulbs just don't work or the wiring's brittle, whatever it may be, it may be time to upgrade. Now, this one here has six diodes. So this is an LED.

Now it's gonna be very efficient with the LED. You're gonna get a nice, bright light. And with the built in integrated reflector on the amber lens, that's really gonna shine from a bunch of different directions. That way people can actually see the light. Our original light that we have here.

And when lit up, I think we have a family of bugs living in it. It's seen better days and overall your incandescent bulbs over time, the filaments break, and honestly, on a trailer something that sees a lot of bumps over the road, having LEDs is not only better for better lighting but it's just gonna give a little more maintenance free than your typical incandescent bulb. Now to actually install your new light, it's gonna be pretty simple. You take your existing one here and generally alongside the lens, you're gonna have a slot where you can get a flat head screwdriver in there. And normally if you just kind of put it in that gap and give it a quick twist, you should be able to pop this off pretty easy.

So as you can see the inside here and just kind of the state of our existing light, this is a great time to upgrade to that LED. So once having our lens off, we can simply see that we have two Phillips head screws. So we're just gonna go ahead and take those out. Now, the new light does not come with the mounting hardware. So you might wanna keep these handy for reinstallation of your new light.

So now we can kind of just pull this out and this runs into our existing wiring. So we're gonna head inside the trailer and actually tie into those wires and take a look where they're at. But before doing that, I'm also gonna take a little bit of cleaner here and just clean the surface before we get our new light. So inside our trailer, I'm following our wires here of our existing light, and it's pretty simple. It's gonna tie into a power supply from your existing wiring and then you're also gonna have a ground. So looking at our new light, it should be pretty easy to match up. So now that I know where these are at, I'm gonna go ahead and clip these to get our old light fixture out. So now with those wires cut, we can take our old light fixture out. And already you're gonna see, this is gonna look a lot better. Now, all we need to do is pass these through. Now I see that my ground wire here has a ring terminal and I already have the ground wire in there that I can attach to. So if need be, you can clip this or you can pass it through and mount it up with a new ground kinda up to you. But we also are gonna have to screw this into place. So we need to get this lens off the actual housing. It's just gonna take your time working around here. This will pop off. It's a pretty tight fit. So again, just take your time there. Now, something that I'm gonna kind of plan ahead here, as I see where my existing hole was and the way that this wiring is sitting, I want it to be nice and flush against here. So what I'm gonna actually do, you have a few slots here where you can change up where your wires run. So I'm gonna just go ahead. I'm gonna be attaching my ring terminal to that existing ground wire. So I'm gonna go ahead and clip this off. And that way we can actually reroute this in the housing. But again, it kinda depends on where your hole is to actually mount it up. You can always drill another hole, but I figure we might as well use the one that's already there, so we don't have to re-drill. And then there's actually a nice little spot here for the wire to sit. So that way it's not touching the bulb and it's not gonna be in the way of the light that it's emitting. So now that we have it routed to where it's going to align, I'll go ahead, pass my wires in, and then we'll go ahead, take our existing screws from our previous light. So already it's looking good. So now we just need to hook it up. We're actually obviously in an enclosed trailer. So none of this connection will be exposed to the elements. We actually recommend using heat shrink butt connectors when making your electrical connection, that way when they're crimped, you can heat those up with a heat gun. It's gonna seal that up and that way water's not gonna get in there and break down the wires. So let's go ahead and make some of our connections. So I'm just gonna strip back our power wire here. And I'll do the same where our previous wire was. And we're gonna go ahead and just repeat that same process with our ground wire. So now with both of our connections made, all that's left to do is hook up to our vehicle and test to make sure that it's powered up and working. So now just turning on our running lights, we can see these are powered up, working and looking new. All that's left to do is repeat the same process for any other clearance lights or side marker lights that you may have. And that was a look and installation of the optronics LED side marker and clearance light with built in reflector..

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