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Optronics Magnetic LED Tow Light Kit Review

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Review of the Optronics Magnetic LED Tow Light Kit

So we're going to take a quick look at the LED Magnetic Tail Lights from Optronics. Now, a lot of times with a flat tow set up, it gets pretty invasive when you have to install the wiring, in order to have full functionality of your tail lights that work in conjunction with the tail lights on your RV. But, these are going to be a great replacement. You don't have to worry about taking apart your back tail lights. You're not going to have to worry about drilling into them, maybe to have that couple extra diodes. You're not going to have to worry about running wiring inside your vehicle all the way back.With this set, it just uses magnets to stick to the back of your vehicle.

The wiring runs on the outside of your vehicle, all the way to the four pull hook up on your RV. And this is going to give you functionality of your tail lights. These tail lights are going to work in conjunction with the tail lights on your RV. We're going to have left turn signal, right turn signal, and brake lights. LEDS also are going to make a great replacement for incandescent bulbs.

They're going to burn brighter, last a lot longer and be more efficient when they're in use.The tail lights are going to be able to fit on any towed vehicle or trailer that's less than 80 inches wide. Now, the lights are going to have a strong magnet holding them onto the vehicle. Any strong winds aren't going to be able to blow it over. We'll go ahead and take that off real quick to show you the bottom. See, we did have this protective sticker, right there.

It's how we'll make sure that the magnet does not harm or scratch the finish of your vehicle. It also does have a slot that your wire comes out of. That's going to help make sure that it's not sitting on top of the wire, like that. It could possibly damage it over time. It's going to last a lot longer that way.We're also going to have a nice durable plastic construction on the outside.

It is going to be weather proof, so no rain water or anything like that's going to get into your light to damage it. This is also going to be a great solution for if you do tow multiple vehicles. You're not going to have to get separate wiring done on both of those vehicles. When you want to tow one vehicle, you just set this up on the back of it. Next time, you want to tow your other vehicle, you have this packed up, you can get it out, set it on that vehicle, it will be the exact same set up.When you arrive to your destination, and unhook your tow bar set up, this is easy to just unhook this, grab it all up, we could just stow it in our trunk.Now, we've gone ahead and brought our lights inside, so you can see how bright they are when the lights are turned off. And we just have our running lights right now, but with our tester box, we'll go ahead and go brake lights, right there. You see, they're much brighter, so they're going to be very visible at night or day when you are applying the brakes. We'll go left turn, and then right turn.Now, like I said, installation is going to be very quick and easy. First thing you want to do, is make sure you clean the surface where you are going to be mounting the lights. We've already done that, just wipe down the top of the trunk. Now, we can go ahead and pick the spot we want to place our lights. You do want to make sure you get it as wide as possible without sacrificing any of the stability. So, obviously, we wouldn't want to come over here on the side of the car, but we can come right here, right above the tail light.So, you're not going to want to mount it on the side right here. It won't be as stable, but we can come right here where it's flat and right above our left tail light, and we'll go ahead and just set that there. Now, how you can tell, that this is for the left side, is that the brown wire is going to be for your left turn signal, while the green wire is going to be for your right turn signal.We can just slide the wire up into the slots right there, to make sure that we're not sitting it right on top of our lights. Set it right there. Now, we're going to have this excess wire right here, connecting our two lights. We can just bundle that up, and secure it so it's not flying around in the wind at all. You can use zip tie or in our case, we're just going to go ahead and grab this rubber band right here. Just wrap that around a couple times.When routing it into your RV, you probably just want to go ahead and avoid going on the inside of your vehicle. We'll come on the outside, but we use different points to make sure we can secure the wire, without having to use any straps. We're just going to use the doors. So, we'll start running this wire, all the way to the front.Now, I'm just going to use the doors to secure it. You can either just pinch it into that weather stripping right there, or in our case, we're just going to go inside this door, and pass it to our driver's side. You want to make sure you get it pretty taught, but too hard. So, once we get that in there, we'll just go ahead and shut that back door. Now we'll run it out here, will come out the side of our door. We can kind of leave some excess in there if we want, depending on how much of excess wire you will have.So, we'll go and shut that in there. And we'll just keep running it all the way, until we get to our connector. And we do have a seven pull hook up on our, RV, so we do have to get an adaptor to be able to convert it for our four pull flat connector. And then we just plug it into our four pull hook up or adaptor.Now, obviously, you do want to make sure you do have full function of both tail lights, but once you do that, you're ready to hit the road. Thank you all for watching, that's going to do it for our look at the LED Magnetic Tail Lights from Optronics.

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