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Optronics RV Porch Utility Light with Switch Review and Installation

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Review and How to Install the Optronics RV Porch Utility Light with Switch

Hey everybody, Zack here at Today we're taking a look at a RV utility porch light from Optronics. It's going to work out great for porch lights or entrance lights to campers like we have here today. But also on enclosed trailers as a utility light, or even different parts around your camper, RV acting as utility light especially in those areas like a basement that don't have much lighting. It has a built-in switch, so it's going to work out great there. But like I said, you can also tie this into a porch light like we have here today, and run a switch on the inside as well.

We can easily turn this on and off on the exterior of our trailer, or if we have it tied into that light switch on the inside, I think that this light switch in the porch light configuration, maybe isn't as useful.You could probably just get an option without the light switch, but if we had this lower, it would definitely come in handy being able to tie that in. Now, we have this as an incandescent setup here today. So if you're looking for an LED there are LED options out there. But I think the incandescent, they maybe don't have as modern of a look. They're not going to last as long, but they're easy to replace.

You can swap those bulbs out pretty quickly. I would recommend keeping one in the camper. So, if it does burn out while you're on a trip you can just swap that out. Now this is going to be a clear lens. So, I think it's going to be a little bit brighter of the area that we're trying to light up compared to an Amber lens.If you like the Amber lens, that's also available.

I think those do a really good job of lighting up the area. If we're not looking for something as bright. Also that cuts down on the bugs. Then we have this black housing. So, black maybe doesn't look as good on the white to some on this camper here today.

So, if you're looking to match it up with the color of your camper or your trailer, white housing is also available. Now with this one, the owner of this camper is testing out some different lights. They're trying to upgrade the camper and make it look a little bit more modern. You can see we had an older rectangle style light on here and it was beat up. So we're swapping it out, seeing what we liked best. We still need to clean this up a little bit, but I think this has a really good look to it.I think it fits the camper well. It's not too big for the area. This is actually the same size as factory lights. So if you're looking to replace a light that maybe is damaged, that's been on your camper since you bought it, this is a really good option to get that swapped out. If you're looking to replace a light and you just want to get an idea of how large this light is, it's going to measure at 6-1/4" by 3-7/16", 7". And it's going to stick off the camper about an inch and seven, eight. So not very large, but it is going to be a fairly significant size. But this is like I said, going to be pretty similar to a lot of those factory lights that may be on your camper.So here you can see, I took the lights down in the shop. I've got a little bit coming in and I can turn this on and off with that light switch inside. I can still do the light switch there. So this is a pretty versatile light, and it's a lot brighter than I was thinking it wouldn't be for an incandescent light. It's not as really bright as some of those LEDs, but I think it does a good job of lighting up the area around the entrance to our camper, or if we had it down in a basement, it's definitely going to do a good job. So, it's not really over the top does just the right amount for me. And I like the incandescent. I think the LEDs are definitely long-term they're maybe the better solution. So if you've got a bunch of incandescents on your camper, you're just replacing it. I think this is a really good way to go, but overall it's not too difficult of an installation. So let's just walk through how we put this one in place.The first thing we need to do to get installed is we need to remove that old light. So I went ahead and took mine off. You can see I have a couple of exposed wires here. Now I tested this out before I disconnected it. And I know that my black wire is power and my white is ground. So, I've disconnected from my battery and any short power that you might be hooked up to. So I'm going to get this stripped back, get this prep to get our other new lights hooked up and the light comes pre-stripped. So, all we have to do is just get those off of there. We have those exposed wires to get connected to. So I'm going to take this apart. But what I need to do first is pop this lens cap off, so I can gain access to those holes where our screws will go. So I'm just going to use a tiny, flat head screwdriver to get that popped out. Let's get that little clip set this aside for now.You can see that's where we're going to gain access to those mounting holes. Now, the first thing we will do with the connection on that is I'm going to grab a butt connector. I'm just using a standard butt connector today. You can use heat-shrink if you'd like, but the standards are going to be just fine because we are putting this back in the wall of our camper. Get that crimped down. Should we have a good connection there Do the same thing on our ground wire. Got a good connection there. So now we can grab our light and we can just match up those wires.So we've got a little bit too much from where they appreciate that for me. So I'm going to trim that just a little bit, not a whole lot. And I don't want any wires outside of that butt connector, so I don't need them to be super long they're on those exposed ones. Let's get this lined up and get that crimped down as well. I also like to give those exposed wires a little twist, that way they don't fray out when I'm sticking them in that connector. All right, we've got a good connection there. Now we can feed these back into the camper and we can begin getting this installed to the camper. You can see we've had a couple of different lights on here. We've tested a few out on this one, but a lot of these are going to be very similar in the mounting location. So, I wouldn't go as far as say, it's an industry standard by any means, but they're all very, very close.So it may look out and have the ability to use those existing holes. Now, with this being offset like this, it's really nice that they have this little indention here so our wires aren't getting smashed there. You can see this hole is in the center of our existing light. So let me get that lined up. See if I can get those lined up with any of those holes. So, just going to use that old hardware there, get that put in place, and then we can get our lens cap put on once we get this last one put in. You want to make sure that you're putting a little bit of sealant around that so that we don't have any water seeping in through the back side of that. It's a nice tight fit as is, but not a bad idea to put a little bit of sealant.So let's get hooked up to power and test it out. We're going to flip this switch here and you can see we have lights. So, not a very difficult installation. Took me a couple of minutes to get that put in place. I think that overall, this is going to be a really good replacement for you. But with that switch on there, I think it's going to work out well across all areas of your camper. If you're looking to add some lights to some other areas that have power running through there, but that's going to do it for our look at the Optronics incandescent RV porch light..

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