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Optronics RV Porch Utility Light Review and Installation

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Review and How to Install the Optronics RV Porch Utility Light

Zack: Hey, everybody, Zack here at Today we're going to be taking a look at a light from Optronics. This is going to be an incandescent light, this is going to be work out great for porch lights on your RV's or campers like we have here today, but also is going to work out well for your enclosed utility trailers. There is an identical light, everything about it's the same, except for this housing color. Now this one is tied into 12 volt power. We have it hooked up to a switch on the inside, so it works with the exterior lights on our campers.

So you just want to make sure that you have some sort of light switch hooked up to it, because this one does not have an on, off switch on the exterior like some of the others that are available.I turned off the lights here in the shop just to give you a better idea of how bright this is. Now, there's a little bit of light coming in next door, but you can get a good picture as to how bright this is. It's going to do a good job of lighting up our patio, the steps to our camper here. Now the incandescent isn't going to be as bright and clean as the LED, but I think this one still does a good job. I like the amber look here, a lot of people like the white light, because it provides a little bit more light, but if you're hanging out outside...

I like the amber light, because it's a little bit more subtle, still gets my steps, still lights up the area around us, and the amber light may cut down on those bugs as well.Here you can see this as an oval design, we had an older style rectangle light on here, and we wanted to upgrade it and give it more of a updated look. Most lights that come on campers are going to be in a similar size that we have here today. So the measurements on that are six and a quarter, by three and seven sixteenths, by an inch and seven eights in depth. Now this incandescent light, this is pretty warm to touch, so that's a nice benefit of not having that switch there if you wanted to turn it on and off that way as well. But for me, I prefer LEDs just because they last a little bit longer.

The incandescents are great, they have a good look to them, but I think the LEDs are just. The lasting longer effect is what I prefer.Eventually you're going to have to swap out this incandescent bulb. It's not too difficult to swap that out, but you will have to do that, so it's probably a good idea to keep an extra bulb in your camper, because this is one of those lights where if you're at the campsite and your porch light goes out, it's kind of a bummer. So it'd be nice to be able to swap that out while you're there. Overall, I think this is a good light.

It's pretty easy to get installed. So let's just walk you through how we put this one in place. Before we get started, I went ahead and I took off my old light and I have a couple of my wires here exposed. I've already tested those out, I know that my black wire is power and my white wire is ground. So that works out great.I'm just going to match it up with the back of these. And then we're going to connect these with just standard butt connectors since it's going to be in our wall there, but you can also use heat shrink butt connectors as well. We have both those available. Get that slid all the way on, get that crimp down. There we go, we've got a good connection there. Now I can start feeding these back through. We're going to get this lined up to get our holes put in place. You can see we've tested out some other lights on this camper here before, we might actually have some luck where we don't have to drill those out all the way, got a decent amount of extra wire here, so we'll get that all tucked back in.Now, I went ahead and I put that housing over that back plate where those holes are going to line up for the screw. And I did remove some of that excess cork that I forgot to take off earlier, just to make this sit a little bit more flush, and I'm going to take these screws and get those put in place. We can put our lens cap in place. Just going to flip our switch there, and you can see that our porch light is working properly. Overall, this installation isn't too challenging. It does require a little bit of electrical work, but I still need to clean this up a little bit from our old existing light and put a little bit of sealant around that. But overall, not too difficult to get this put in place. But that's going to do it for our look at the Optronics RV utility porch light..

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