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Optronics RV Rectangular Porch and Utility Light Review and Installation

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Review and How to Install the Optronics RV Rectangular Porch and Utility Light

Zack: Hey guys, Zack here at Today, we're going to be taking a look at the Optronics RV porch light. This is going to be a really good addition or replacement to your camper. Or you can put it on an enclosed trailer, and it would act as a utility light. It does a really good job of lighting up our entrance, or if you put it anywhere else on the trailer, lighten up any area that you need around the campsite.We replaced an existing porch light that was on here. It was an old amber light that just didn't do much but just kind of put out a little bit of a glow.

We wanted something that would light up the campsite a little bit better and our steps. And you can see we have it tied into a switch on the inside. But if you're looking for something that is going to be tied into multiple lights but you maybe don't want it on all the time. There are options that have a switch on the bottom that you can look at as well.Whether you're replacing or adding a new light on, you have a couple of different options. You can go incandescent like we have here, or you can go LED.

And I think they both are going to work out great for you. LED provides a little bit more cleaner, maybe more modern look. But if you're looking for something that's easy to replace and you want something that kind of matches the other lights on your trailer, this is still going to do a good job. It will draw a little bit more power than the LEDs, and it will burn a little bit hotter. So this one not having a switch on the exterior, it's not as important.

But I think that if you want something that's drawing less energy and maybe has a little bit brighter look to it, the LEDs are a good way to go.This is going to come in just the white housing with the clear lens. So this will do a much better job of putting that light out there compared to an amber lens cover. But it doesn't just have a harsh spotlight look. So this spreads out pretty good along the area of our entrance to our trailer. So I think this is going to work out really good with the camper setup we have here today.

But if we wanted to put it above a different area to light up more of our campsite, you can pick up another one of these and just tie it in with your lighting system.When it comes to adding this on, but especially if you're replacing a light. This isn't quite a universal light, but there are a lot of manufacturers that have a very similar design to this. So this can replace a lot of different factory lights. It's going to measure at six inches long by three and a half inches tall. And it's going to have a depth of about two and a quarter inches. Those measurements are a little shy on each one, just barely. But that is the closest range that it's going to fit in, if you're looking for those replacements.I turned the lights off here in the shop and I have a little bit of light coming in through the windows. But this gives you a pretty good idea as how much this is going to light up. So not only is it the door to our camper, but our steps and a good portion of our patio that would be right next to our camper. So this is going to be a really good light. I like it a lot better than some of the other ones that I've tested out before. Definitely better than the amber. The amber may not attract as many bugs, but it's definitely not going to light up as much. So I think if you're looking for a replacement, this is going to be really easy to do. I like that there are replacement lens covers for this as well. So if we crack that while we're changing the bulbs out. Because you will have to change the bulbs eventually, but it's pretty easy to install. So let's just show you how we got this one put in place.To begin our installation, I went ahead and removed our old light. It was just an amber light. It was incandescent as well, but we wanted something that was a little bit brighter on here. I've stripped back my wires here. The light comes pre-stripped. And I've also disconnected from power. These are a little long for my connector. So I'm going to snip that off just a little bit, not a whole lot. And I'm using butt connectors today, and I'm just using standard ones. You can use heat shrink if you'd like. Get those twisted in.I've tested this out, and I have confirmed that black is positive coming out of my trailer and white is my ground. So I'll just match that up with the proper colors on my light. Get those crimped down. Make sure they're in there good. This doesn't come with hardware, but a lot of them that come with hardware come with wire nuts that you'd have in your house. And those, I just don't think are ideal for trailer use. They're going to give you a connection but I think that over time you're eventually going to have them come loose. So we just prefer to go to butt connectors. These actually had quick links on them. And those aren't ideal for us either. We think that this just gives us a much more secure connection point. So I get that crimp down. Confirm that it's there, and I'll just match these up. I'll just get that pushed back in there. And you can see that's why we chose regular butt connectors because this is going to be living inside the trailer.Once I get that fit in all the way, I'll make sure that those holes are going to line up. They're not. I don't want to say universal. These are actually a little off, so I'm going to have to drill some new holes. Height-wise, they line up, but the width of this light is a little bit more narrow than the one that we took off. We'll drill a couple of little pilot holes in the side here, and then we'll get those secured. We're just going to use the same screws that came out of this. I think they're just fine. So we'll get those put in place.As I'm getting these put in place, I'm going to use a screwdriver by hand, so I just think that a power tool would potentially crack the housing on this if you got it in there too tight because it does have where these screws go in. There is a plastic ring that goes around it that it grabs into. So I wouldn't want to break those. But if you drill that little pilot hole, you shouldn't be able to get those in just fine. And we can get that held in place.And you can see the old one had a little bit of caulk on there. So once we've confirmed that we like it. We can put a little sealer on there. I wouldn't put any here on the bottom, just in case some water does get in, allow it to drain out just a little bit. You can see that as a nice snug fit. I can put my lens on. We can hook up our power, and we can see if this works out. Now that I have this hooked up to power would see that it works. Gives us that nice clean light. But that's going to do it for a look at the Optronics RV Rectangular porch light.

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