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Optronics RV Porch and Utility LED Light Review and Installation

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Review and How to Install the Optronics RV Porch and Utility LED Light

Randy: What's up, everybody It's Randy, here at Today we're taking a look at an Optronics LED amber porch light. Whether you're going to use it on a utility trailer like this, an RV, or a camper, basically, it's going to give us a nice amber light, kind of illuminate the area. This isn't going to be a work light. It doesn't produce enough light for that. But for just general sitting around, outside the camper, sitting around outside your utility trailer, for a little bit of ambient light, it does a really good job.

And I think this is going to come in really handy for those situations you don't want a lot of bright light, just that dim light. It also helps out during the summer with bugs. If we have a white light, we're going to attract a lot more than if we have a yellow or an amber light.It has 18 diodes in it. So it is very bright. Just with that amber color, it's not as intense as what you get out of a white LED or a clear LED.

The LED bulbs do last a lot longer, or the LED filaments. This uses SMD technology in the circuit board. So they last a lot longer. They don't draw near as much power. They don't get as hot.

And we don't have to worry about changing the bulbs. Those filaments can get pretty brittle when they get hot and cold, hot and cold, on a standard bulb. And there's always a light out on a trailer, it seems like. But in this case, it doesn't happen. We don't really have to worry about it.

Every time we hit the switch, we know it's going to come on for us.You can see, here, we do have an angled base. So it helps to project that light downward slightly, more in the area where we're going to be sitting. And overall, it's going to be six and five sixteenths of an inch by three and five sixteenths of an inch. And it's going to stick out from the camper about an inch and seven sixteenths, so just to give you a rough idea of what kind of size it's going to take up.And we've taken a look at the light. Let's take a look at the installation process, which is really straightforward. Now the installation process is really straightforward. It's a two-wire design. So black, we needed to put power to, 12-volt power, and the white, we need to ground. The wires are going to come pre-stripped. What I like to do is twist them up and then bend them over, just like that, on both of them. That'll give our butt connector something to bite onto. We're going to be using heat shrink connectors, just to get the maximum in corrosion resistance that we can. Slide those on and just crimp them down.We can give it a tug, make sure it's nice and secure. And then, we'll do the same process on the wires on the camper. The ground wires, again, are going to go to white. And our power wire, it's going to go to black. And just like our other wires, we twist those up. It makes it a little bit more of a substantial or more solid wire to crimp on too. And now, to shrink these down, we'll use a heat source. You can use a little mini torch. You can use a lighter. Or a heat gun works really well. And that's what we're looking for. You can see, once we've applied that heat, they're going to shrink down right around the wire. A little bit of clear gel comes out of the end. We won't have to worry about any moisture getting in there.We'll tuck our excess wire in, get our light mounted. Now this is going to mount with the thicker side towards the top. We want that light to be projected downwards towards us. And we do have provided hardware that we can use, just a couple, little, self-tapping screws there. It doesn't take a lot to hold these lights on. They're pretty easy. I'm going to use one existing hole and be creating a new hole there. All right. Then we'll just grab our lens and pop it on.You see we've got two tabs on one side and then a single tab on the other. We want the dual tabs to be facing up, going to fit in a slot here and a slot here. And then, we just kind of squeeze that bottom to where it clips up and in.Now we'll just turn on our switch, make sure it works. And as you can see, it's going to give us that nice amber light. It's going to illuminate our campsite really well. And also, with that amber, we're not going to have to worry about bugs nearly as much.And that's all we got on the light. We've seen it in action. We've seen how to install it. Hopefully, it was helpful.

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