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Optronics Rectangular LED Trailer Clearance and Side Marker Light with Reflex Reflector Review

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Review of the Optronics Rectangular LED Trailer Clearance and Side Marker Light with Reflex Reflecto

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at the Optonics rectangular LED trailer clearance and side marker light with the Reflex reflector. Part number is MCL32ABB. Here you can see our light once you get it installed. It's a very nice clean, bright light. This is what you tend to get with the LEDs. You can see the three LEDs in there, giving us the light.LED style lights are a really nice upgrade to your traditional incandescent style lights because while they are brighter and cleaner, they also last much longer.

And they don't use nearly as much power, so you're not going to be drawing as much through your vehicle's lighting system.Another nice thing about the light, the lens while it acts as a nice clearance or side marker light it's also been reflectorized, so we wont have to worry about an additional reflector to meet DOT compliance standards. You also see the black AVS housing here on the back. It's a little different from what you see on most of the other lights out there.Most of the time you'll see white. So if you're putting it on a trailer that has some color on it or if you just want it to stand out a little bit, it can be a nice addition. Now as far as size goes, from end to end here we've got 4 inches.

From the very top to the bottom, it's going to be 2 inches. And from your mounting surface out, it's about an inch.You can see our mounting hardware. This is going to be on 3 inch center, so it's going to work out really well with all your standard clearance and side marker lights. Now of course, to begin the installation we need to remove the older existing light. If it has a lens on it, these are just going to pop off.

They're going to come of pretty easy and you'll be able to get in there to your hardware.Now traditionally in these applications, they're going to use what's called a double square type of screw, so it has eight points. It's not going to be like the torques bit, so what we typically use is just a square bit that will fit in there properly. And we to need to back the screws out. You're going to have one on each side.Pull our light out there and we can trim our old wires off there. Now do be careful.

Sometimes these will want to pop back inside and that certainly isn't something you want. This one's a little bit short so we're just going to just go ahead and add a butt connector and extend this wire out some. There's plenty of room. We can tuck it in there.That way we won't have to worry about running out. Now to extend it, you can use any kind of butt connector you want. We recommend heat shrink butt connectors just in case there's any moisture or anything like that gets to them. You won't want corrosion. We're going to use part number DW05744, basic heat shrink butt connector. And then traditionally you'll want to use a 16 gauge wire.You can pick this up on our website. Part number 16-1-1. That will be for a one foot piece so get what you need. And that will give us more that enough wire to work with. We won't have to worry about it ever being too short in the future. But to get this shrink down you're going to want a heat source. We're going to use a lighter.You can also use a mini-torch or a heat gun. Just be careful to heat it gently. You don't want to put too much heat in one spot at any one time. Most of the time wiring's going to be white as your ground. You can test it if you're unsure. And we'll just put our ground to the white side and then our power wire, we'll want to put on the black side there.And we'll use a heat source to get them to shrink down like we did the first one. Align it with the holes our original light was mounted to. You see this little arch here We want that to be facing upward, but also says top right up there. It's just pretty hard to read, so just keep that in mind. Now we'll put our lens in place and we can test out the light.And that's going to complete our look at the Optronics rectangular LED trailer clearance and side marker light, part number MCL32Abb.

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