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Optronics Adhesive Backing Trailer Reflector Review

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Review of the Optronics Adhesive Backing Trailer Reflector

Hola neighbors, It's Brad here at etrailer. And today we're taking a look and installing the Optronics Red Reflector. That's gonna be nice and easy to just press on and give us the illumination we need without having to run wires. Now, sometimes when driving a trailer and it's dusk and lights are in the eyes of other drivers, you may not have your headlights on yet. But it's gonna be hard to see that trailer. And having a reflector when those headlights, or just the light, hits it is gonna be a great way to let them know that there is a trailer ahead of them.

These are gonna be a quick easy way to denote any protruding portions of your trailer. And you can obviously stick them wherever you want. And that way you can see the outside diameters of anything that's sticking out, like our fender here. Now these are made of acrylic. And so they are relatively strong here.

I don't worry too much about them cracking, even during impact. And as far as size goes, they are a nice little footprint coming in at 3 and 3/16 by 1 and 7/16. And they are DOT compliant. So this is a quick easy way to make your trailer a little bit more visible and just be safer out on the road. The installation's gonna be extremely easy.

The hardest part is gonna be making sure that your trailer fender, or wherever you're mounting it to, is gonna be prepped. So since ours is going on the fender, it had some build up. So we actually sanded that down. Put a nice coat of paint on there. That way it's nice and solid and flat.

Now, this has a double-sided adhesive here. So, really once you have your surface prepped, the hardest part also is gonna be just determining exactly where you want it. And making it even with the other side. So to get this on, just peel this off. And you can see it's got some nice foam here, so there's gonna be a little bit of give. So you kind of contour exactly. Even on this curve, it should be no problem. And, you can see, it says top molded in. So we're gonna keep that facing this way and I've gone ahead and kind of found the spot where I wanna mount it. So we'll go ahead. Just get this pressed in place. Just gonna put a little pressure here. And that's gonna do it. And that was a look at the Optronics Red Rectangular Reflector..

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