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Optronics LED Trailer License Plate Light Review

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Review of the Optronics LED Trailer License Plate Light

Hello neighbors, it's Brad here at etrailer. And today we're taking a look and installing the Optronics three diode LED license plate light. Now your license plate light is one of those lights that maybe it doesn't seem like a safety function, but this is something that's DOT required. And really if having one of these that's burnt out causes you to get pulled over and slow your journey down. You can simply fix it with this LED. It's also gonna give it a fresh look on the license plate with that bright white LED light.

Now this entire housing is sealed. So this is gonna work on your boat trailers as well as it can be fully submersible. So that means if it's out in the elements as many trailers are, it's gonna hold up to that rain, snow, or whatever comes at it for a long time. Now, if you are planning on putting this on your trailer, having the dimensions is gonna make that a lot easier to actually find a spot for it. So, overall, this is gonna be 2-3/4 inches long by 1-7/8 wide and two inches deep.

Now the light is 1-1/2 inches long and 1/2 inch tall. The install of this is extremely easy. And within just maybe about 15 minutes you can have a fresh looking license plate light that's gonna keep you safe and legal over time while towing. Here's our existing license plate light. And as you can tell, it has seen better days.

So not only are we going to be replacing it but we're also gonna be upgrading to LED, which is just gonna give us a longer lifespan. It's gonna be more efficient and overall it's just a better light source. And that way it can actually illuminate your plate a little bit better. We'll start by removing our old one and yours may be different, but ours just has two Phillips head screws. Looks like some self-tapping ones, and we'll just take those out.

As you can see, the hardware is also seen better days here. If yours is completely rusted out, you may have to drill yours out. So this is a great time to be replacing it anyway. So I'm gonna go ahead and separate it. We have a quick splice connector. So we'll just peel this back and get this separated and just make sure we keep track of this wire 'cause we'll be attaching to it. So now we can pull our old white out. And looking at the design of this, we have two studs here so that's gonna be simple to just drill some holes and mount it up. But I wanna make sure it's aligned with the license plate so I'm gonna be closing our tailgate here and just to make sure that this is aligned. And I'm gonna go and just clean this up and might as well while we have this off, that way, it has a nice clean seal. And since this is gonna be a little bit smaller than the footprint before, I'm just gonna backfill the holes with some black silicone. And then I'm gonna just put some quick gloss white spray paint here just to make it look a little bit cleaner. Depending on your application, it might mount over. But being an enclosed trailer, ours is gonna be on the side here. So whatever works best for you but we are gonna have to drill to get a hole here for our stud. And there's also not hardware included here to get that mounted up. So you're gonna want to pick up two 10-24 nuts. I also have some split washers and a flat washer, that way when we get it in place, we can tighten that up. But we need to get this marked of where we want to mount it, so I'm gonna put it right about here to cover up our existing hole. And in order to get our marks made to where we wanna drill, I'm just gonna take a paint marker here and I'm just gonna cover the ends, putting some paint, and that way we can transfer it over to exactly where it need. Now that I have my marks, I can go ahead. I might actually be able to reuse this hole and then we'll just go ahead and get our other one drilled out. I'm just using a 13/64 drill bit and that's gonna be just large enough to get our studs through. And I'm just gonna test fit to make sure our holes are lining up, and I think that's gonna sit well. Now also, we have our wires that are in the middle here, so we're gonna have to make a hole for those as well. And you'll see they have bullet style connectors. We're gonna be tying into our wiring here and we don't have bullet pin connectors on the other end. So I'll probably snip these off. It's also gonna make it a lot easier to pass these wires through. Now, again, the hardware does not come with the kits, but I am putting a flat washer and a split washer here and then our 10-24 nut. And that's gonna really cinch this up, keep it in place for the lifespan of the light. So now we're gonna take our black wire and connect it with our existing wire where our other license plate light was attached. And I'm just gonna be using a butt connector here. This is an enclosed trailer, so it shouldn't see any elements, but if you're installing a license plate light on any of your other trailers that it might actually be outside, I suggest using a heat shrink butt connector. And those are really nice because once they're crimped down, you can heat it up and it's gonna seal around the edges. And that way your connection doesn't get water in it and become brittle and a bad connection over time. So we have that connection made. Now we need to grab our white wire and we're just gonna be attaching a ring terminal to this. Again, it's not included in the kit, but you just want a solid grounding point. So I'm gonna reuse where this ground is here. So putting our ring terminal on, we'll make it a nice and easy install there. Now, if you don't have an existing ground, you can just use a self-tapping screw and you can tie into the metal. So now testing it is gonna be easy. You're just gonna wanna hook it up to your vehicle and turn the running lights on and it should kick on and we can see it's illuminating quite well. And that was the look and installation of the Optronics three LED license plate light..

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