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Pace Edwards UltraGroove Retractable Hard Tonneau Cover Review

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Review of the Pace Edwards UltraGroove Retractable Hard Tonneau Cover

Hello, everybody Clayton here at Today, we're gonna be taking a look at the Pace Edwards Ultragroove retractable hard tonneau cover. Now, we do have this installed on a Silverado but we do have plenty of options here at etrailer and you can use our fit guide to find the correct one for your truck. There are gonna be a lot of benefits to using a hard tonneau cover that we have installed today. We're gonna get full bed security with our tailgate lock. So you don't have to worry about people getting in here or cutting your soft tonneau cover to get in and steal whatever you have back here.

So it's gonna be nice and secure, you're gonna have that peace of mind, and this one, in particular, does have drains. So, you're gonna be able to keep everything you can leave back here dry that's gonna be awesome. Either golf clubs back here or fishing rods not gonna have to worry about them getting soaked in the rain. Something that I really like in particular about this cover is how thin it is. It only sits an inch above your bed rails, giving you that nice sleek, sporty look, while also offer all the great features of a hard tonneau cover.

And one nice thing about this, it is gonna contribute to your fuel economy. Our tonneau cover is gonna be constructed out of aluminum. So it's gonna give us that nice security, but it also has this vinyl on top giving it that nice finished look. To retract your tonneau cover, we're just gonna flip this lever here and let it retract all the way in. And one of the best benefits to using a retractable cover is they're still gonna have full bed access.

And it's gonna be super easy Whenever we push this all the way up, it's not gonna be blocking our window. So we're still gonna be able to see we'll get all of that bed access. And it's gonna be super easy to use, just simply flip that lever and the whole thing retracts our canister dimensions are gonna be 9 1/4 inches tall and 9 3/4 inches deep. Now, it does add a little bit when we add our rails so we can measure our canister here. And with everything put together, we're sitting at about 10 1/2 inches deep and a little under 11 inches tall.

So it does take up a little bit of space but you still have all this room underneath that canister. Then our front cover here is gonna have these bristles on it to protect the cover. Whenever you slide it in and out it's gonna refrain from scratching that vinyl, our rails in our canister are gonna be totally sealed. We're gonna have this nice gasketing that runs all the way down the rails, and on the front we're gonna have some foam so it's gonna help keep all that moisture out of our truck bed. Whenever we're ready to close our tonneau cover. Simply just pull back on the strap, Until it locks into position. And as I was talking about this is the lever that's gonna control the tonneau cover locks. So whenever you're ready to slide it back open that up and it will slide. And then if you just need to open up part of your bed there is gonna be 12 inch locking intervals. That way you don't have to have this totally open or totally closed. Let's say you go to the hardware store and pick up some lumber, even stick that out right here. You're not gonna have to worry about opening up all the way when you're tonneau cover is fully extended in the locking position. All you have to do is close your tailgate and you're ready to hit the road. Whenever you're dealing with a tonneau cover and let's say a kayak or a ladder give me kind of irritating. Sometimes getting those in the bed. Did you have to decide if you're gonna open or close your tonneau cover, but with this tonneau cover you don't have to worry about that. We have our T channels here on the right so we can pick up a roof rack or a ladder rack or cargo or kayak carrier I should say, and get all of those items mounted up above our tonneau cover is still having that lockable feature with our tonneau cover. So it's gonna be super easy to live with if you're using it for work. Our T channel is what actually gives our tonneau cover the ultra groove while all the other tonneau covers on the market aren't gonna have this. So having that in the name really speaks a lot to how usable this tonneau cover is gonna be for you. And one thing I really like about this tonneau cover it being so dry with the drains that's gonna be really great for bed rugs. If you haven't checked into bed rugs basically it's a carpeting system that goes into the bed of your truck to protect those more sensitive items. If you are curious about the bed rugs you can check those out here in etrailer. And as far as getting our tonneau cover installed it's not gonna be bad at all. There's no drilling or anything like that. It's definitely something you guys can do at home. Now just to get some personal insight to this tonneau cover I really liked the retractable feature. I have a hard folding cover on my truck and it is kind of rough whenever you're putting something on the bed and you can't see out of your rear window. So having that retractable feature is gonna speak volumes for those guys that are using your trucks every day. I really liked the T channels. Being able to use a ladder rack or a kayak carrier is gonna be awesome. And that's gonna do it for our look at the Pace Edwards Ultragroove retractable hard tonneau cover..

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