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Performance Tool 2 Ton Floor Jack with Stands Review

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Review of the Performance Tool 2 Ton Floor Jack with Stands

We are going to review and try out the 2 Ton Floor Jack with Stands from Performance Tools, part number PTW1605. With this part number, this is what you get. Of course, our trolley jack right here and you will get two jack stands. This jack is rated for 4000 pounds capacity. Now with it fully extended, we will go ahead and give you overall height measurement. It is safe to say about 13 inches to the top of our jack. We will go ahead and cover a couple of nice details.

First off, if we look at the top of the jack here, this part swivels. This way you can see the inaudible 00:03:49 in here will dig into what ever you are picking up, instead of being a flat surface where it can move. Also it has a convenient carrying handle for the jack. Let's go ahead and cover our controls. Very easy to use. If you want to raise the jack or whatever you are lifting up, you want to make sure that this part here is turned clockwise.

The end of the handle will work as a tool to tighten it up. You don't have to crush it but just snug. Then our handle will go inside this component here. Make sure it's pinned, goes in and help keep it in place. Turn it to clockwise once again.

Then to operate the jack, simply lift the handle up and down. To lower it, we take our handle, put it back on this part here and when it's under weight, slowly twist it counter-clockwise. That will lower the jack. One extra little detail here. As we lower it back down, this little spring provides tension and brings the jack back down, aside from other jacks that uses the weight of whatever is on top of it to push it down. Let's take a look at the pair of jack stands that come with it.

These are very simple jack stands rated for 4000 pounds of load capacity. They have a ratchet system right here so when you pull up on it, it automatically locks into place. Once the load is off of these guys, you can pull up on the handle and you retract it. All right, let's go ahead and try out our new jack on our trailer here that obviously needs a new tire put on. We will position the jack on your lowest point on the axle and then we will go ahead and lift it up. Once we have our jack high enough, we will go ahead and put our jack stand underneath our axle. You always our jack for lifting purposes only, not to hold up the trailer or anything else. Perfect. With our jack stand doing its job on the inside, we can go ahead and take off our wheel. I am going to put a new tire back on this trailer. We are done doing our work on our trailer. We will go ahead and use our jack one more time to lift it up, take the pressure off the jack stands and we will go ahead and remove them. Now I can go ahead and lower our jack and our trailer in a controlled manner, slowly counter-clockwise. With that, that will finish it for the 2 Ton Floor Jack with Stands, part number PTW1605 from Performance Tools. You can find this and everything else right here at .

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