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Performance Tool Lighted Jumper Cables Review

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Review of the Performance Tool Lighted Jumper Cables

Colin: Hey, guys, it's Colin here at etrailer, and today we're going to test out some of these jumper cables from Performance Tool. Our Jeep right here has been sitting for a couple months, it's had a dead battery, so we're going to go ahead and jump it and let's get going.Right away I want to point out this nice case that they come in. A lot of times, I know I've been guilty of it, I've just kind of tossed in my cables in my trunk and then I go to put groceries or other bags in there and then they're just all sprawled out and I had to scoot him over to make room for my other equipment. Well, right here, you get them rolled up nicely in this case. It's a nice little profile. It's only about two inches tall right there, so you can slide it underneath your seat, in the corner of your trunk, really wherever it's convenient for you.

Let's go and open it up and pull our jumper cables out, and then we'll just set this to the side.What sets these cables apart from others is that we have these small LED lights right here. We can flip those on, so if it's nighttime and your dead car doesn't have any light by it, you need to get some light, well, this small light's going to illuminate right in front of the cable so you don't have to hold a flashlight with one hand, try to reach in with the other hand to get the clamp onto your battery. Just going to light your way so you can get it right the first time. You don't have to worry about putting a flashlight in your mouth or something like that.So we'll go ahead and hook it up to our dead battery first. Now, obviously, it's daytime right now so our lights aren't too useful, but you can see that even in the daylight you can see the light shining on the battery right now.

They're pretty bright, LEDs are brighter than incandescent, so you can leave them on when you attach. They are battery-powered, so really just when you're doing the act of jumping a car, it kind of charges the battery for you. There we go.Now, we can hook up to the live battery to jump our car. Now, while I let the car charge up our Jeep real quick, I want to kind of go over some of the nice features about it. We have 10 feet in cable length for our jumper cables.

That should be more than enough so you don't have to instantly come up nose-to-nose with a vehicle. See right here, we're standing right up against the building. There's no space for my car to come around and park nose to nose with our Jeep, so we're able to just pull up to the side of it, get our cables hooked up with really no problem. There's a lot of slack in it and there's still space to walk between.I would always advise, just to make sure you can reach, depending on what side the battery's on, see our Jeep right here, the battery's on the passenger side. So I just pulled up to the passenger side.

It might get a little bit tricky if you pull it to the opposite side. But still, that 10 feet of length should give you enough adjustability. Now, let's go ahead and try to fire it up.There we go. Now you can see our Jeep is running right now. I'd always advise that once you jump a vehicle that has a dead battery, let it run for a little while, let that battery charge up. Now that we've shown you guys how they work, let's go on inside and show you a better look at the lights. Now, we've brought it inside and turned out the lights so we can simulate what nighttime will look like a little bit better for you guys.So right here you can see the LED is lighting up the way. I can find my terminal pretty easily. So, you can just hook up my clamp to it. And then right here of course, with my opposite one, you can still find that power cord. These are non-conductive, meaning that with it hooked up to our live battery, you can see I'm touching our copper jaws together and nothing's happening, there's no sparks at all. Although, you do just want to always keep in mind to avoid them in contact. It's just a nice safety feature with these.Now even though they are just a set of jumper cables, they do have really nice grip right here, a nice tension to them. One thing I wished that they would have done a little bit better of is that our opening isn't too wide. I've worked with other jumper cables that have a much wider opening so you can get around those larger terminals. It was a little bit difficult to get around my ground terminal on my battery that you saw over there. But overall, we've got these nice teeth right here, ensure for grip onto our terminal. I mean, I'm not too upset. I think that it's always a good idea to keep a set of jumper cables in your car and I would highly recommend these.

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