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Peterson Conspicuity Reflective Tape Review

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Review of the Peterson Conspicuity Reflective Tape

Hi, everyone, Aiden here with etrailer, and today we're gonna be taking a look at this conspicuity tape from Peterson. It's gonna be a reflective tape for your trailers, and depending on your local laws, you always wanna check those, this is required for safe hauling, and just to increase visibility on your trailer. We're gonna be showing you how to remove and replace a strip of this. These come in a kit of four strips, so if you're going to replace one on your trailer, it's gonna be great for you. So right here is the piece on our trailer that's certain to come up, so we're gonna go ahead and remove this and replace it with a new strip. The one we have today is 18" long from end to end, so it's a bit longer than our strip right here that's coming apart, but we can line up this white edge pretty okay right here and this'll make a solid replacement just to make sure we're still staying compliant with our local laws.

Just gonna go ahead and set that to the side and peel this one off right here. So we've got our surface mostly clean here, peeled back as much of the sticker as we could. It's pretty strong adhesive, so there is gonna be some residue left, but we'll come back through here, spray it down with some cleaning solution and get the surface as clean as we can with what we have left. Then we'll come back through with a fresh shop towel and make sure everything is perfectly dry here, because we don't want any moisture getting trapped underneath. Once you're happy with how clean the surface is, you can get your new reflective tape sticker.

We've got a strip here in the middle where we can peel back the backing very carefully there and line it up as best we can. We want this to go all the way to the edge and be level throughout. So right about there looks good. We'll try to stick that down as flat as we can and come back through with a tool here to try and remove any sort of air bubbles we might have underneath, again, just to make sure that that adhesive is sticking nice and strong to the side of our trailer. I will come back through with a grader knife here.

There's a little gap right there between the panels of our trailer. So I'm just gonna do a very careful slit down the side right there, just to make sure it's flat right there between the panels and then they can come back and peel the rest of the backing off and repeat that process of carefully applying that to the trailer here, making sure it stays level throughout. As far as replacing that reflective tape goes, that's about all there is to it. If you are doing this along the whole length of your trailer, maybe you've got a new trailer that you're setting up or rebuilding one, I would recommend maybe going with the large rolls of this tape that you can get, and cut to your exact length. That's gonna be better for larger applications like a whole trailer, but if you're just replacing, this is gonna do the trick just fine.

That'll do it. Thanks for watching..

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