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Peterson Trailer Interior Dome Light with Switch Review and Installation

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Review and How to Install the Peterson Trailer Interior Dome Light with Switch

What's going on everybody Adam here, with etrailer. Today, we're gonna be taking a look at the Peterson Dome Light, for your enclosed trailers or your RVs. This is a round dome light. It's gonna have a nice white finish, and it's gonna have a polypropylene housing and bezel around the edge. It really has a nice clean look. It comes with a little switch.

So, I really like when I have the option to turn it on and off, a lot of these trailer lights are just completely directly wired in, so sometimes I need a little bit more light, sometimes I don't need that much light. With this, I can either add light, or take away light, just with a little click of the switch. I like that, just because you never know how much light you need, or if it's a little too much light, and it is going to be an incandescent bulb. So, it's not gonna be LED, it's gonna draw about 28 Watts, and it's gonna be for your 12 volt DC systems. So, let's go ahead and pop this open and get a closer look at the bulb.

So, it's going to take the 1141 bulb. So, if you have this, and you just need a replacement, we do carry this bulb on our website. But, if you are afraid you're not going to be able to find a replacement, we do have it here at etrailer, and that's always a plus. Usually these kinda burn out a lot quicker than the LEDs, but if you do plan on going with the incandescent bulb, it's gonna be a great option for you. As far as dimensions go, we're gonna have about 5 5/16 inches wide, and that's gonna be our diameter of the whole entire light.

And, it is gonna stick out about two inches. So, if you have two-by-fours on the sides of your enclosed trailer, it's not gonna stick out any farther than they are sticking out. So, you're not really gonna bump into it. It's pretty low profile. And this is going to have a couple of mounting holes, and they're gonna be about two and a half inches, on center, apart.

To sum it all up, it's a fairly simple design, it's got a nice sleek look, and it's definitely gonna be for the interiors, as it doesn't really have a whole lot of gaskets, or anything, to keep all that water out. One thing I don't like about this one, is just the fact that it's incandescent, not LED. I'm a big LED guy, just because they draw a lot less energy, and they don't go out near as often. Yes, we can replace this bulb, but I'd rather just grab something that's gonna last a little bit longer, and drain a little bit less energy, but that's just me. And, if you do plan on grabbing something like this, definitely go on our website, and grab some of these connectors, and maybe a couple of replacement bulbs, just in case. It's always smart to be prepared. So, one thing we just need to go over, is just how to install it. So, if you stick around, we're gonna show you. First things first, we wanna figure out where we wanna put our light. I'm just gonna replace the light that was right here. And if you have wires ran, awesome, we can skip that step. And if you don't, run your wires, we're gonna need a positive and a negative wire ran to the light for it to work. So, next thing, we wanna pop this lens off. It is easiest just to take a little flathead screwdriver, and there's a couple of little notches on the sides, and that just helps it be nice and easy to take this off. And you can set that to the side for now. And that'll expose our mounting holes and our ground here, 'cause this is a 1-Wire system. So, this will go to power, and then we'll utilize this for ground. So, what you wanna do, is take your ground wire, and there's a little hole on the side. So, we're gonna go through the back, just like this. And then, you wanna take a connector like this, and we do have these here at etrailer, so you don't have to worry about going to the hardware store if you don't have them, but if you have them on hand, great. If not, just add them to your cart. Now we wanna go ahead and crimp this down, make sure it's nice and tight. Proper ground is gonna make this light properly work, so that is very important to get a clean, clean connection, just like that. And you always wanna give it a good tug, to make sure it's nice and snug, so we're not gonna lose that wire at all. So, now that's done, what we can do, is move on to the power. So, go ahead and strip your wires back, twist these together, and what we're gonna use is a heat shrink connector, which we have them here at etrailer. Same thing as before, strip back the wire, twist her together, and fit it in there. I like to do them one at a time, just because it's hard to keep both of those wires in, especially if you're doing it by yourself, and just crimp that one side, till it's nice and tight. Since we're gonna be hiding these wires back in this hole, we wanna really make sure it's tight, because we don't wanna lose that wire back in the hole, 'cause that will be difficult to get back out. We'll do the same thing with this side. Go ahead and take a heat gun and shrink this up. If you don't have a heat gun, you can get away with using like a hairdryer. It'll just take a lot longer, but we wanna make sure it's nice and tight. And this is really the best way to merge the wires. This do this nice and clean, it's gonna be waterproof, just in case some sort of moisture gets in there. You don't have to really worry about it. And, we are good there. So, now we're pretty much ready to feed these wires back in, to make it nice and neat. And then, once it's kinda back farther, we wanna make sure that one, we put the switch where we want it, so I'll probably face it down towards the bottom. And then what we wanna do, is we'll just secure our ground, before we really completely mount this down. And to do that, we're gonna take this little piece here, and we're gonna line it up with this whole, like that, Then we can go ahead and screw it into place, wherever we see fit. The screws do not come with the kit, you're gonna have to include your own hardware to mount it up, or you can really use whatever. Use self-tappers if you're going into the frame, or just use wood screws, if you're doing what we're doing today. So, once it's positioned right, go ahead and screw this in. Not too tight, but plenty to get that ground wire nice and stationary. And, this is a good time to go ahead and see if it works. We wanna make sure that our connections are good, and our ground's good. And if it is, then, when I flip this switch right here, we'll see light. So, we're good to go and finish the installation. There are a couple of different mounting hole locations. We can use these here, or the ones back here. I'm just gonna use the elongated holes, just like this. All right. So, now all we need is the lens, pop that back on, and we are done. And that'll do it for our look at the Peterson Dome Light for your enclosed trailers or RVs. And I'm Adam, with etrailer..

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