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Pollak 7 Pole to 4 Way Connector Adapter Review

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Review of the Pollak 7 Pole to 4 Way Connector Adapter

Andy: Hey guys, it's Andy here at Often times, we get questions from our customers and they want to know how they can convert their seven pull on the back of their truck or vehicle into a four pull. Several reasons for that. Maybe you want to haul a utility trailer that only has a four pull connector. Maybe you've got some type of accessory on the back of the cargo carrier, maybe a hitch cover, and you want it to lit. This is gonna help to solve that problem without doing any modifications to your vehicle's wiring.

Not gonna have to cut. We're not gonna have to splice. We're not gonna have to modify anything. Basically with this adaptor, we can plug it into the back of the vehicle and it's gonna go in like any normal seven pull would. Push it in so that the tab on the gate engages the tab on the plug.Once the cover's off, that gives us our four pull plug there very easily accessible.

It's gonna have ground, running lights, left turn and brake, and right turn and brake. So we can simply take that trailer that we couldn't haul before, get that plugged in, we'll be ready to hit the road safely. Now working lights on a trailer are very important to indicate which direction you intend to go. It's gonna help a lot of people around you. Also in cargo carriers when you stack them up and they kind of block your tail lights, it's gonna indicate to people which direction you're going and when you're hitting your brakes.

Just makes it safer for everybody involved.Now this adaptor gets excellent reviews from our customers. It's probably one of the more popular ones that we carry. It's nice and solid. It has a good grip on the back. Now overall, this is gonna be an excellent solution, but any time we're using a seven pull to plug into a truck, plugging into the back of our trailer.

We always want to use some dielectric grease. This is available on our website if you don't already have some, but by adding that in, you're gonna reduce any moisture getting into our contact points which holds dirt. Once we've got dirt and moisture in there, that generally leads to corrosion. So this is gonna eliminate that problem and make sure that you have a good connection for both your truck side and plugging the trailer side in.If I was in need for an adaptor like this, I would definitely pick one up. I think it's a really good option. There are adaptors similar to this that offer a fifth pull. That would be really handy if you we're gonna be adding backup lights to a trailer and you wanted them to come on when you hit reverse, or also in marine trailer applications when they have surge brakes. Not all of them are designed this way, but some of them are designed with an electronic lockout triggered by that reverse signal. So as you go to back up, it won't let the fluid pass and lock up the brakes. So if those two things are on your mind, pick up a seven to five. It's gonna help you out a little bit there, but outside of that I would definitely own this one and I would definitely use it if I had the need.

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