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Powerbuilt Dual Drive Torque Wrench Review

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Review of the Powerbuilt Dual Drive Torque Wrench

Today, we're going to show you the Powerbuilt Dual Drive Torque Wrench, part number ALL944001. This is our torque wrench right here and it's a dual drive because it has half-inch drive on this side, three-eighths drive on that side. On the three-eighths drive side, we have our switch here, to tighten or loosen. On the three-eighths side, look by the handle, we have our torque values in foot-pounds. Now, on the other side with the half-inch drive, we have our torque values in Newton-meters. Now I'll go ahead and show you how to use it. First, you want to unlock it.

This knob on the back here has indication on the inside, on the end of it, that tells you lock and unlock. Then we're going to twist the handle up to the torque rating we need. You need to look on the graph right here from the 70 that goes down to low line right here and it goes to the edge of the grip. You see these numbers here, once you see the line, that divides it into individual pounds. This will be 70.

When you reach torque value that you want, go ahead and tighten down the knob so you don't spin it and give an incorrect reading. When you do use it and you tighten it down, it'll actually make a loud click. Let's go ahead and try it out now. We use a half-inch side. Any half-inch drive extension and sockets will work with this. Let's go ahead and put it up on our bolt and we'll tighten it up.

You'll hear a click. When you hear a click, let off your pressure. When you go pass it, when you go over-torque the bolt and you defeated the purpose of having a torque wrench to begin with. Go ahead and change your torque value over a smaller bolt and a less torque. We'll need forty-eighths. There's our 40 and our 48.

It's nice not needing an adapter to go from a half-inch down to a three-eighths. You also notice that the 00:02:02 lighter torque value, the lighter the click is as well. When you're done using your torque wrench, it's always a good idea to unlock it and run it back down to it's minimum torque. The minimum torque is going to be 10 lbs. and we'll just lock it up. Also, our maximum torque is actually 150 lbs. It comes with a nice case we can keep it in. That'll finish it for the Powerbuilt Dual Drive Torque Wrench, part number ALL944001.

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