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Powerbuilt Circuit Tester Review

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Review of the Powerbuilt Circuit Tester

Today we're going to show you a Powerbuilt Circuit Tester, part number ALL640595. Two things to know about our circuit tester. It's good for working with 6, 12 and 24 volt systems. Of course has a small light that glows when the current is present, and the lead on it is 37" long. Let's go ahead and try it out. Here's our tester right here.

It's actually a two-piece unit. We got a cord right here which plugs into the top here, and a little cap for the probe. This is all sealed unit so you don't have to worry about any moving parts aside from taking the cord in and out. Here you've got a protected alligator clamp for your ground, so you can cover up as much as you need to, tail protected. Let's go ahead and test a typical circuit. First off, we want to ground it when you use your circuit tester.

You want to use a nice clean ground, not something that's painted, or, if you're lucky, you can use a factory ground. Looks like this. This is a probe-style, so it's designed to reach in and look for a circuit. You could press against the wire and push it and test it that way, but usually the ones for that purpose have a guard around it. This is designed for more like reaching into a circuit board, or in this case, a connection point here on our wire harness in the car.

You would just go ahead and reach in and touch the metal fittings inside there and it'll light up. Very simple and effective. With this light tester we have proved we have power going through the circuit. Okay, and with that, that'll finish it for Powerbuilt Circuit Tester, part number ALL640595.