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Pro Series Cargo Carrier Review

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Review of the Pro Series Cargo Carrier

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Pro-Series 20x48 Cargo Carrier. It offers up to a 300 pound weight capacity. It's been designed for use in 1 1/4" hitches. Its part number is 6500. This cargo carrier is going to allow you to free up some room inside your vehicle by getting your gear out here on the platform, help you get some extra passengers or pets in the vehicle, or for the instances where you might be muddy, wet clothes, wet shoes, you can actually place those on your carrier and keep them from getting the dirt inside your vehicle. The Pro-Series Cargo Carrier has multiple adjustment points along the main shank underneath the rack. This is going to allow us to stay within the clearance of 1 to 4". That's the maximum or minimum width we want between the front edge of the carrier and the rear of our car.

It has very sturdy steel construction with a 3" raised edge all the way around. This gives us multiple tie-down points where we can secure our gear as well as those edges holding it in from slipping off the edge. The mesh floor is going to allow for dirt and debris to fall down through and also makes very easy to clean. Now that Ive shown you some of the key features of our carrier let me show you how to install it on your vehicle. Well essentially slide the shank of the rack right into the receiver tube of our hitch. We need to line up our pinholes.

With our pinholes lined up well slide through our standard pin. It does come included with the carrier. Once we have it through well secure it on the other side here with our clip which is also included. Now just in case your cargo is high enough to block your license plate in the rear they do have two holes here. Thats designed for licence plate relocation.

The reflectors are going to come in the package with it. Once you have your platform installed onto your shank you can put those right on the back. The nice powder coated finish is really going to help resist corrosion. In case your cargo blocks your vehicle's taillights there is an optional light kit available. Its sold separately. Its part number is 6504.

You can easily add bikes to your platform with the bike adapter kit. It's sold separately as well. Its part number is 6505. We have a nice rail kit available for it. It's sold separately as well. It's going to help contain the cargo and provide extra tie-down points. Its part number is 6955. The platform comes fully assembled. The carrier offers a 3" shank rise. Its going alleviate that platform to give you more ground clearance and also make it easier to load. Adjustments can be made in 2" increments. Pro-Series offers a 1 year limited warranty with their carrier as well. Now that we've got the carrier installed lets load it down with some gear and we'll show you what it looks like in action. We'll go through our test course which is going to include a shalom, which is going to show you the side to side movement. Weve got alternating bumps which is going to simulate twisting like potholes or maybe hitting a curb. Then weve also got the solid or full speed bumps; its going to show you the up and down movement. That will complete todays look at the 20x48 from Pro-Series, part number 6500. .