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Pro Series Adjustable-Channel Coupler Review

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Review of the Pro Series Adjustable-Channel Coupler

Colin: Hey everyone, it's Colin here at etrailer and today I'm going to show you guys this Pro Series Adjustable-Channel Coupler. Now I have it in my hands right now, just because I want to be able to show you some of the features of it. It's easier to move it around and show you guys how well it's built. And then afterwards, we'll go ahead and tell you how easy it is to install on the channel of your trailer. Now how you see it right now is exactly how you're going to get it. It has the mounting hardware included with it, it's going to be five eights, diameter hardware.

That's where the mounting holes are made for. Now this is going to be a very solid steel construction. We've got nice welding all the way around it shows good connection makes it very tough and durable. Overall just looks very nice.The ball opening is going to be for a two inch ball. So just make sure you have that.

If you're wanting to replace your current coupler or if maybe you're building a trailer and you want to use one of these, then this is going to be a great option. The latch on top is not actually a standard latch where you would just pull up on it like that. What you have to do is pull up and then pull it back. That's going to pull this wedge part back so that your ball can get inside there. Once you've got the trailer hooked up onto your ball mount, your two inch ball mount, you can lock it up just like that.

Now we'll go ahead and just show you how easy it is to get it installed. What I do want to point out is that this does have a width of this section right here of two and seven eights of an inch.So you're going to need an opening up probably three inches on your channel right here. This one is an opening of three inches. So if you already have one and it's three inches, great. If you don't have one, like I said, if you're building a trailer or maybe even one to replace the whole front end, we do have these channels available, there's a wide variety of them here at etrailer.

Now what we're going to do is just get the hardware off to start, or you could even be replacing your current coupler, which is the case for this customer. He had a coupler that was very rusted, it wasn't functioning properly. He just didn't want to have a hassle every time he hooked up his trailer. So we just went ahead, we're going to throw this one on there.You can see how it's kind of bent up top of the channel. He doesn't want to replace this. So what we're going to do is just kind of lower it. He wants it mounted a little bit lower anyway. So we're just going to stick it into there, and hold that. And we'll just feed our hardware through. What I do want to point out is that you also want to make sure that your channel, the holes on the sides are separated on center by two inches. That's the separation between the holes on this coupler. So we'll just feed those bolts through, going to need to move it around just to wiggle it through. There we go. Let's get our nylon lock nuts fitted on the side. And now with a 15 16th socket, we can just tighten down our bolts. There is no torque specifications on this coupler for you do just want to make sure that you get it very snug on there.Now we've got it installed and at this point we're ready to hook up to our vehicle and we're ready to tow. Now, a couple of things I do want to point out about this coupler is that one, it does have a 8,000 pound gross trailer weight rating. So that should be plenty enough for your landscaping trailers and your small car hauler trailer, stuff like that. When you get into the bigger trailers where you're going to be carrying bigger vehicles or tractors and stuff like that, if you are using a ball mount for those trailers, then you probably want to invest in something more heavy duty that can handle those weight capacities. And it also has a nice black paint finish over that steel construction. So it gives it a really nice and clean look.Now they also have this coupler setup to where you could get a couple of locks for it if you want to secure your trailer, we do have a hole right here for our thumb latch. So if you want to get a small pin lock, you can put it through there that way no one can come up and lift up on the thumb latch to hook up to their vehicle and run off with your trailer. You can also get a different type of lock, which would be a coupler lock, which goes over top right here, or it goes right under what it goes on top of is this flat lip that's on our trailer. So you do have those options. We've got plenty of those types of locks here at etrailer, if you are interested in that. Now we've got a small ball mount right here, we'll show you guys just how to get it installed on there. All it takes is just pulling that latch all the way up, get the ball up and in, let it go, and you see, now it just hangs there.It's got a very solid hold on there, again just make sure you got that two inch ball. One thing I do want to point out is that, like I talked about it does have an 8,000 pound weight capacity, but you do want to make sure that you're not overloading your trailer or your vehicle. So make sure you check the weight capacities for both and abide by the lowest one. And then when you're unhooking from your vehicle, all it takes is just to bring that latch up, the ball comes right out. Normally you would just hold that latch up and then raise up your trailer jack, to get the trailer off of your ball. Overall, this is a really nice and simple coupler that you can get into this channel right here. Again, make sure that it's three inches on the inside of your channel. Like I said, you can also adjust the height of it.So if you have different vehicles you tow with or you got a new truck or something like that, and it sits a little bit higher, a little bit lower than your previous one, all you got to do is remove the bolts. You can raise it up in the channel or back down to get to that perfect towing height. Now, this is also going to be a nice upgrade for if your current coupler is really rusted down, not functioning properly. Maybe even it's broken or it's very old. So this is a nice and simple replacement you can throw on there and continue towing with your trailer. Well thank you all for watching and I hope this information helped you out, but that's going to do it for our look at the Pro Series Adjustable-Channel Mount Coupler..

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