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Race Ramps Vehicle Service Racer Chock Review

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Review of the Race Ramps Vehicle Service Racer Chock

Hello neighbors. It's Brad here at etrailer. And today I'm taking a look at the Race Ramps wheel chocks. So for anyone that's a garage mechanic or works at the racetrack to wrench on their cars for those fine tune adjustments, these are an awesome option as a wheel chock. So I've had a multitude of wheel chocks ranging from blocks of wood to metal ones. Metal ones are great, but they tend to be heavy.

So when I'm storing them in my small two car garage, storing them up seems to be the best way. Now, these guys are two pounds. I can throw them around, no big deal. They have a nice nonslip coating on them. And they're made out of foam, which the foam you would think might compress, but these have a 1500 pound rating.

So with a 200 pound person stepping on them, notice there's no flex to them. They also look pretty sharp. You know, you got a nice little race flag here. So if you're looking to buy some chocks that you can keep forever, these might be a great option. Part of that being, they're not going to rust, they're oil resistant and they're going to handle pretty much most cars that you're going to pull it on here, up to a 10 inch wide tire.

So while these are fairly wide for a 15 inch wheel, 10 inches pretty much gets you a lot of normal passenger vehicles, trucks, and even some race cars. So you can use them kind of for everything. And while I'm working on my car, you know, you hear the horror stories of car rolling down, and people getting hurt. With these in place, it does give you that peace of mind to know the car's going to stay in place. You know, even with your e-brake on, you want that extra added security because the time for your brakes to fail is not a good time when it's on a ramp.

So let's look at the actual size themself. So from side to side here, we have 12 inches. From front to back we have a total of 10 inches and then the height is five. And I think with this shaping and contouring for the tire itself, you should be able to put good myriad of tire sizes on here, and you're still going to get that grip. So these are great high quality. They're made in the US and these are wheel chocks that you can buy in conjunction with their ramp system for a nice look in your garage. So I have some hand-me-down metal ramps that my dad gave me, and they're great for what I need, but first lower clearance cars. Sometimes I'm using two-by-sixes to get it on the ramps itself. So within conjunction with their system, it's really nice. It's good looking. And whenever you're not using them to store them up on a shelf, pretty metal racks up there at 50 pounds a piece is tough. These, you can toss them up there and they're going to be durable as can be. So these are sold individually. I recommend getting a pair, obviously, so you can put them behind both sets of tires, but also you can put them in front or wherever you need to, whichever way that you're lifting your car up to give you that sense of security. So I've also seen these used with people using them as a garage stop. So when you're pulling in, instead of hanging a tennis ball or marking something down and hoping that someone has the same look as you, these are that physical stop to let you know that you've reached your spot, and it's going to take a little bit to jump a chalk. So it'll keep you from hitting the back wall of your garage. I'll use these in my garage when wrenching on my cars, but also I go to the racetrack. I'm going to bring these as well in case I need to do some maintenance while there and make some adjustments. And the nice part is when you're packing to go to the racetrack, having already a jack and, you know, floor jacks gets heavy. This, toss in the back, it's not going to damage anything. It's not going to be clinging around as I'm driving. Not that I'd have it on the track, but when you already are loaded up less is more when it comes to weight. Overall, these wheel chocks are great. First off, I think they look awesome. Again, I've used blocks of wood and I've used some hand-me-down rusty ones and sure, it does work. But knowing that this has the contour for the tire, it's got this huge surface here for anti-slip. So it's going to stay in place when you need it to, and the fact that it's lightweight and I can store it everywhere is really awesome. So if you're looking to buy some wheel chocks that can last you up to a lifetime and be able to use it on a bunch of cars, I think this is going to be a really good option for you. So that's going to be the look at our Race Ramps wheel chocks. I hope you enjoyed the video and hopefully this keeps you safe while wrenching on your car. Thanks for watching..

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