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RackEm LockEm Magnum Wheel Lock Review

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Review of the Rackem LockEm Magnum Wheel Lock

Today, we're going to be reviewing Part Number RA-25. This is the Rack'em Manufacturing Lock'em Magnum Wheel Lock. This system is designed to go around your wheel. It is reversible, so in this side, you're going to be able to fit 12" to 15" wheels, on this side, you're going to be able to fit 15" to 20" wheels. You can see how it separates. Nice steel construction with rubber-coated arms, so it's not going to do any damage to your wheel.

Now, this system is going to be perfect for trailers, different types of trailers, vehicles, agricultural use, so can even slap this thing on a tractor and lock it in place. It's going to help prevent theft. We're going to put the Rack'em Wheel Lock on a few different applications today. The first one is going to be right here on our truck tire. Now, there's a few things to keep in mind when installing this. For an easier install, it's nice if you go ahead and set the keys towards the outside of the vehicle so it's going to make your install a little bit easier as far as getting access to the key into the lock.

The other thing to keep in mind is you definitely need to choose the right side. It has a sizing chart right here. Our wheel today is a 17"-wheel, so we're going to use this area down here. When we flip it, it's going to allow it, the key, to be on the outside. Then all we have to do is place one unit behind the wheel, then we're going to take the other half and slide the two pieces together. Then all we have to do is move the key to a lock position.

You can see here that it's going to hold the wheel lock in place, so if we try to drive forward, it's not going to go anywhere. That's going to dig into the ground, and if we try to reverse, this is going to come up and eventually hit our bumper or the frame of our vehicle. It's really going to do a good job at preventing anybody from being able to take off with our vehicle. Now, we're here at our trailer. We're dealing with a 13" wheel, and so, again, using a sizing chart, it's going to indicate that we need to use this size for a 13"-wheel. We're going to go and separate the two units, place them back together, and then simply move it to a lock position.

If we try to move our trailer forward, you can see here that that wheel lock is going to prevent it from being able to move in a forward motion. Keep in mind that the wheel lock may not fit some low-profile tires. It's going feature one lock. It's going to come with two keys. Now, you want to be sure that you record your key number. They include a little tab, that way, you can write the key number directly on there. We also offer extra keys or replacements with Part Number RA25KEY. You can find that right here at Simply go to our website, type in your part number, and then you can type in your key number for your specific locks. That's going to do it for today's review of Part Number RA-25. This is the Rack'em Manufacturing Lock'em Magnum Wheel Lock. .

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