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Rampage Wireless Backup Camera for Smartphone or Tablet Review

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Review of the Rampage Wireless Backup Camera for Smartphone or Tablet

Adam: Hi, everyone, Adam, with, today we're going to be taking a look at the rampage wireless backup camera. This is going to be able to work with your Android or iOS devices. So I have an Apple iPhone and I downloaded the app and then connected to it basically what this is going to do. It's going to allow you to monitor this camera from your phone and actually just has some magnetic pads on the back. So you can place it wherever you can put it and basically get you the best angle at whatever you're backing up into.It is going to be able to rotate 360 degrees, which is nice, and we'll be able to tilt, but only be able to tilt on that single access. As you see here, one of the things that we read with the...

All the customers that bought this, apparently this bottom piece is a little weak. And to be honest, I just got it out of the box and I basically put it on my bumper. And when I took it off, this thing, didn't come with it. So definitely something I would, it's just not necessarily this most structurally sound, but the connection is really good. We do have a photo mode or video mode and we can actually record.

So that's, always nice as well.So let's just go ahead and get to it. I'm going to put it back on my bumper here. The one thing I did notice was that basically, I'm using my Tahoe as my personal vehicle, and hopefully I can get this. It's an aluminum back hatch. If it's a pickup, sometimes we do have aluminum tailgates.

So I think your bumper's going to be the best bet in this. That's just something I noticed. I couldn't put it on my back hatch and I kind of had to maneuver around and probably took me the same amount of time as just backing up, putting it in park, checking, backing up, putting in park, checking, yada.This probably would be ideal for maybe when it's raining and when you don't want to get out and everything like that. But it did take a long time just to kind of make sure it was giving me the right angle. Because I didn't want to this into the back of my car.

So let's just go over the specs and the app with you guys. And hopefully you guys can make a decision. So with our kids here, we are going to get a charger that does have two ports. So you can charge your phone and our camera here. So basic USB put it in the right way, slides in there and plug it into your 12 volt.So that'll get it charged up. And then what we can do, you actually turn it on. So once we turn it to the on position, we are going to get a blue blinking light. So, that's going to be sending the wifi signal out. So now you need to take your phone and it actually does come with this case, the stand here, which honestly, it's kind of going to slide around you're driving. So I'm just going to put it here, but it does come with it. And we're going to do is basically pick this FH8610 cam. So might be a little bit different, but basically this is the one you're going to click on. And the password is only going to be 12345678 do that. And that should work. We're going to click join here.And now we're connected. So then we can go and download the Ram cam, if you already have not, you're going to grab that. So it is detecting the camera. So as you can see here on the screen, you can see me and then once it's nice and charged up, we can go ahead and put it wherever we need it to back up and get everything lined up properly. So a lot of people are using this for their fifth wheels, maybe on their truck that doesn't have a backup camera for anything that is in your hitch. Anything really, a lot of people are actually putting it on their Jeeps whenever they're rock crawling or doing stuff in the trails, basically just to see where their clearances. So really you can use it for whatever it does have a fairly decent amount of range and just connect to your phone. So, as long as you have a metal surface to put it onto you should be good. And we actually do have a light that comes on here.That's actually fairly bright. So if you're doing this at night, you don't really have to worry about not being able to see it is pretty bright. So you can line it up day or night. This can even be used for your RVs as it does have quite a bit of range. So you don't really have to literally run all those wires for your dash cam and obviously pay someone to do it. But on top of that, we actually can do make a bunch of adjustments as well. It does give you a bunch of different ways of use. So that is there for you if you need it. But if you click the settings here so we can adjust manually our brightness and contrast. So just to show you how this works, you just turn the brightness down and you'll see, once we save it, operate success, go back.It's really bright out there, but you really can't even see that. So I'm definitely going to bring it back, but let me show you how bright it can get and will be a little too bright, but just so you guys know, and it's pretty, extremely bright. So if you're at night, turn your brightness up, put that you need to put that flash on and you should be ready to go, but there's a lot of adjustments like that with the contrast as well. So whatever is the best look for you. If you're backing up and it seems a little off, you might be inverted a little bit, so you can make that adjustment as well. Another thing we can do is actually rotate this so we can do that as well. If we wanted a larger screen and we'll be able to rotate 360 degrees, which is kind of cool, I can get it.So basically whatever you need, it'll be able to adjust for that. We will be able to take photos and recordings as well. So if we wanted to take recording of it, but you just click that. And basically for the first time, it'll ask you if you can access your photos, just click. Yes. And it'll actually end up going into your photo library. So I actually took a video of me backing up to this boat trailer. We're hooking up to one thing I did notice it did lag sometimes. So if you, if you're stopped and you see the screen moving a little bit, definitely wait until it buffers a little bit just because it needs to catch up just so you know exactly where you're at. So as you can see, it really does help see the side, but actually you'll actually see me tighten this thing down.And I actually had to pull that trailer a little bit towards the driver's side. So it helps with lining it up, but not necessarily right or left. As you can see there, I'm pulling it over to make it line up nicely. So just a couple of things I noticed about it, but it definitely, it just goes straight into your photo library. And that's the photo that I took earlier. So, so far RV applications, we are going to have about a hundred feet of range with our camera here. But one thing I noticed, again, no metal, I don't have anything metal to put this on, besides my actual hitch. Like this is all plexi glass and even this it's aluminum. So that's something I would definitely take a look and maybe see if we have something else, because I haven't really found much where this is actually going to stick to.And again, we only have two now, so that's definitely up to you. There's a lot of options. We do have a couple that you can Mount down here or even on your third brake, light up on a pickup or an SUV. So if you like the idea of having a wireless camera to put basically wherever you have metal, it's definitely going to be option for you. I technically wouldn't recommend this one in particular. I know we have a couple more on I would honestly go on there and maybe pick another one just because I didn't necessarily have the best luck with this one, but the connection was good and the quality of the video is actually good as well. So go ahead and pick whatever one you think you'd like, and that'll do it for our look at the rampage wireless backup camera.

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