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Rear View Safety Backup Sensor System Review

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Review of the Rear View Safety Backup Sensor System

Hi there, safety conscious drivers. Today we're going to be taking a look at Rear View Safety's backup sensor system. This system is ideal for RVs that are difficult to maneuver in tight spaces. This system's not just limited to RVs. It'll work with any vehicle. If you don't have a backup sensor system on your vehicle from the factory, you've now got an easy way to add one that's not going to break the bank.You've probably ridden in a vehicle before with audible backup sensors.

With this system, you can easily add it to any vehicle that doesn't have an existing set of backup sensors. What's nice about adding it yourself is, you've got a lot of options to choose how you want to use it.We've currently got our system installed on a Jeep, just as a typical backup system. All four sensors are located in our bumper. We've got a service cart currently located right behind the vehicle. You can see here that our system's detecting it, indicating that we have an object nearby.As you can see here on our display, as I go closer, the audible beeps will increase in intensity, and they'll beep closer together.

Our number will decrease on the display. As we go further away, it will decrease in intensity, as well as the number. Once we get far enough away, our system will go blank, and it won't beep anymore.Here you can see at the back, we've got our four sensors. There's one in each corner, and there's two here in the center. This will give us complete coverage, so we know when we're backing up it's going to detect it.What I really like about this system is, you don't have to install it at the back.

It doesn't necessarily need to be a backup system. You can use it for anywhere that you want to detect if you're going to potentially collide with an object. Some of our customers have reported that they're using it at the front of their vehicle.So in tight parking spots, like for our RV here. Your driveway's only so long, and you want to be able to fit it all the way in the driveway, but you don't want to run into your garage door. So customers are putting them at the front, so they know how close they are, and they know when to stop.

It's also great for people with large trucks, who want to park it in the garage. It may just barely fit. But you can put these at the front as well, so you can pull right in, and it will beep, letting you know that you're almost all the way to the edge of your garage. Then you can shut your door, and it's going to fit.On your display, you'll have two clips that come with it. These are great for clipping it into a headliner, or helping you get it mounted. On the bottom we're going to have two switches. Here on the right we're going to have our volume intensity. There's there settings, off, low, and high. Then on the left we're going to have our display output orientation. That just depends if you want to mount it like this, on your roof. Or if you want to mount it down on your dash.It's not too difficult to install. But keep in mind, you will have to drill into your vehicle's fascia to get the sensors mounted. Then one end of the wiring goes to a power source. I recommend using a reverse slide circuit. The other end is routed into your vehicle to connect to the monitor, to give you audio and visual alerts.That completes our look at Rear View Safety's backup sensor system.

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