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Rear View Safety WiFi Hitch Backup Camera System Review

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Review of the Rear View Safety WiFi Hitch Backup Camera System

Hey everybody, how's the going Today we're going to be going over the rear view safety WiFi hitch alignment wireless backup camera system. So if you've ever tried to couple your trailer by yourself without a camera, you know this isn't necessarily a straightforward task. There's a lot of getting in and out of your vehicle depending on how long you've done it. Sometimes it can take up to a couple of tries but definitely isn't ideal especially when we just wanna hit the road and get going. Therefore, a wireless backup camera system is gonna be an excellent option to get you on the road and towing that much sooner. So one of the more common complaints of backup camera systems is that we usually have to Mount this big bulky monitor in our dash.

Now that's fine if we're going to be towing every day but for those people who are only towing the need to hitch up their trailer, maybe once a week or a couple of times a month those bulky monitors just simply aren't the best option. Now, some of these trucks also have factory monitors but unfortunately, a lot of camera systems won't be able to connect to them. Therefore, by using this WiFi system here we can easily pair the camera with either an iPad or a phone, pretty much any mobile device. Something that chances are we're always gonna have with us at all times. So another question we get asked a lot, especially with the WiFi camera systems is people think you actually need an active internet connection in order to use them, but that's simply not true.

Granted, we will have to have either WiFi or an active data connection in order to download the mobile app. But once we have that app downloaded, it actually does not require any internet access whatsoever to be able to use our camera. So no matter where we're at for out in the worlds with no signal reception we don't have to worry about not being able to hook up to our camera so we can see our trailer. So another good thing we like to point out is compatibility of devices. So no matter if you have an iPhone or an Android you're still going to be able to hook up to this camera system.

You can also use tablets or iPads, which we're using for this particular demonstration. So in regards to range, this is a wireless system so although there are no wires between the monitor and camera, there is still limitation of that. For this particular system, it's gonna be 50 foot. So most trucks and even some of the lager trailers won't have any issue within this range. So if we take another look at the actual app system here has a couple of nice features that I really like.

Number one, we can actually take video shots here by tapping that button there. And we can take still shots as well by using that button there. And then you're also going to see we have these nice little yellow grid lines here which really help just get you perfectly aligned with your ball mount or your hitch ball there. It takes a lot of the guesswork out of things allowing you to couple your trailer on the first try. So the first step of our installation we need to find a place to mount our camera here. So our camera is completely waterproof and it has a nice magnetic base. We also have a hook and loop patch here that comes in our kit and allow us to mount it in non-metal surface. So we have a couple of different uses for our camera. Primarily, you're going to be using this to help you align the hitch and coupler on your bumper pull trailer. Therefore, the best place to stick this is probably going to be either directly to the ball-mount or if you have a truck here a nice place is to the tailgate directly above the handle. If you have an SUV the hatch area will be another great place to put this. Something else to keep in mind though, if you have a fifth-wheel or gooseneck trailer and you're going to be coupling it to a hitch in the bed, we could easily place this on top of the cap to help us align it that way as well. But for this demonstration we're using a bumper pull trailer. So we're going to go ahead and clean off the mounting surface there. So we don't have any scratches just simply stick it to there, just like that. Now we're going to turn our attention to these two little thumb screws on the side of our camera here, you have one for each side. We're gonna loosen those and that's gonna allow us to easily adjust the angle of our camera. So we're gonna be pointing this one down since we're trying to get a good view of our ball mount and hitch ball. So once we have the correct angle, we'll simply tighten those screws. Now we're ready to power the camera on. So our power button for the camera is directly on the face directly below the lens here. We'll simply just press that until we see the blue light. Now we know our camera is on and ready to use. So now with our camera turned on we're going to go ahead and pull up our mobile device. We're going to need to open the WiFi settings on our device and connect to the correct network for this camera which is going to be labeled Sonix, S-O-N-I-X. And then there'll be a few numbers and letters after that. So we actually don't need to have an active WiFi connection to be able to connect to that network, we'll simply just open the WiFi settings and press pair. And then we're gonna go ahead and open our road view app. So if you don't already have the road view app we're going to need to download this from the marketplace it's available for both Android and iPhone. There's also going to be a QR code you can scan in your instructions to pull this up. But once we do have the app downloaded and pulled up and our device paired to the correct WiFi network we should then see the camera on screen. So this is what our screen is gonna look like, once we have everything paired, we have the app set up and then we have our camera rolling. So now we're ready to go ahead and back up and align our trailer. And that's gonna do it today for our look at the rear view safety, WiFi hitch alignment wireless backup camera system..

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