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Rear View Safety Wireless Hitch Camera Review

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Review of the Rear View Safety Wireless Hitch Camera

Hey everybody, how's it going Today we're going to be going over the Rear View Safety wireless hitch camera. So this camera system here, it can be used in a number of different ways. It can be used for fifth wheel and gooseneck and even bumper pole travel trailers. So if we're going to be using it with those embed hitches, we can easily just place this on the roof of our vehicle to help us align with our fifth wheel or gooseneck trailer, so we can get the pin box lined up or the hitch ball for our gooseneck coupler. We can also use this for bumper pole travel trailers as well, by simply placing it on the ball mount or the tailgate slash half of our vehicle. So this particular system is completely wireless, meaning we don't have any wires that run between the actual camera and monitor themselves.

Therefore, we can pretty much mount the camera anywhere we need to. It has a durable, strong metal magnet, so we can attach it to any metal surface whether that be the tailgate, the hatch or the roof of our vehicle. Now, alternatively, if you have a surface that you want to attach the camera to that isn't metal, we have this nice little hook and loop fastener patch that comes in our kit here. It's double-sided adhesive, we'd simply attach one side to the bottom of the camera and the other side to the surface we're trying to mount the camera to. So there's a few different camera system options on the market.

Now with the wireless one, meaning we can easily remove the monitor or the camera while not in use, this is gonna be great for people who are just occasionally towing, maybe once a week or a couple times a month. If you find yourself to be towing every day then chances are you probably want something a little bit more permanent, you don't mind having that bulky monitor mounted on your dash. So in that case there are going to be some other options for you. But for those people who are just infrequently towing, you're definitely gonna understand the value that comes with this wireless system. So a big thing with the wireless camera systems, people are always concerned about the range.

The range of this particular system is gonna be 70 foot. So no matter what truck and trailer combo we have, we're going to be covered with this system. One note I do like to point out with is that it doesn't actually work very well with aluminum bed trucks, such as the newer F-150s, due to the high chance for signal interference. So if we take a closer look at our monitor, you can see here it has a nice clear picture, it's definitely a lot better quality than I expected. We also have this nice little sturdy Mount here.

We can easily adjust the camera, or we can easily adjust the monitor for the correct viewing angle that we need from the driver's seat. It also has this little sunshade so you don't have to worry about glare from the sun. But while we're actually taking a closer look at the monitor we can actually tell sort of the quality of the camera. So it has a nice 120 degree viewing angle, so we can easily see pretty much bumper to bumper here on our truck. Now we can't show you this but it also has some built-in infrared LEDs on our actual camera, so to help with us at night as well. So fortunately the camera is actually completely waterproof, so we're still going to be able to use our camera system while it's raining, or any other type of weather we may encounter. So as far as actually operating the monitor, it's pretty simple. We have our power button on the right-hand side and we actually have another button above that, and that's gonna allow us to change the orientation of our camera. We can go ahead and cycle through those settings now. So keep in mind, we don't want to travel down the road with our camera attached to our vehicle, so you will want to remove it after we've already coupled our trailer. But then, we're just gonna simply hit the power button to turn it off, and then we can throw it in our glove box or center console, wherever we want to store the camera. Keep in mind, if you do forget to hit that power button, it's no worry at all, our camera will turn off after 15 minutes of inactivity. So we're first going to start by inserting our nine volt battery in the back of our camera here. Keep in mind the battery is going to be sold separately. There's gonna be two small screws here, which we'll move. Then we can take off this cover, simply snap in our nine volt battery and then resecure the cover. But once we've done that, ready to mount it. So this camera can be used in a couple different ways. If we're using this to help us align the hitch ball with a travel trailer then we're probably going to place it somewhere on the back of the truck here. It does have a magnetic base, so any metal surface we can attach it to. But another use for this camera that you may not be aware of, is it actually works really well for aligning your fifth wheel and gooseneck trailers. So if that's what we'd have, we'd probably want to place it on the roof of our vehicle. But since we're going to be using this for a travel trailer for this demonstration, we're gonna go ahead and place it on the tailgate here. So it's a good idea, if your truck's a little dirty, just go ahead and clean the surface off. That way you don't have to worry about any dirt causing any scratches. So once we clean that off, since we have the magnetic base, we'll simply just stick it on there. It's a pretty strong magnet, so it does grab on there. And you know what we're gonna do is We're gonna loosen these two little screws on the side. This is gonna allow us to adjust the angle to get the best view of our ball mount and hitch ball. That way it can help us when we're aligning our trailer coupler. So once we got the correct angle set, we're simply just going to tighten down these some screws. And once we have the angle set, we're ready to turn the camera on. There's gonna be a power button here. We'll simply press and hold that for two seconds until we get a solid blue light. So now that we have our camera set up, we're ready to set up the actual monitor. So this is what our monitor looks like, it has a nice little wire leader on the back that plugs into a cigarette lighter outlet, so we're obviously gonna need to have one of these on our vehicle. So here's where the 12 volt outlet is located on our vehicle here. We'll simply press it into the fitting there. So to turn it on, we have a power button on the side of the unit here, we'll simply press and hold that, until we see the blue light, then we have the backlight illuminating as well. And there we go, we have a nice clear picture of our hitch ball and our ball mount, and we're ready to couple our trailer. And that's gonna do it today for our look at the Rear View Safety wireless hitch camera..

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