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Reese Elite Series Pop In Ball Kit Review

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Review of the Reese Elite Series Pop In Ball Kit

Today we're going to be reviewing the Reese Elite Series Pop-In Ball Kit for Ram under-bed gooseneck hitches, part number RP30140. This gooseneck ball kit is unique in the sense that it has everything you will need to tow your gooseneck trailer. It comes in a convenient carrying pouch, has a cover for your gooseneck ball when you're not using it, has two tie-down or safety chain loops, and of course the ball itself. The ball itself is a two and five-sixteenths ball, and it has a weight capacity of 30,000 pounds, although you are limited to the capacity of your own vehicle and hitch. To use this, you simply take off the covers to your under-bed gooseneck system. I'll set those off to the side for now, and put them in the vehicle when we're done. Then, we'll install our products. To install the gooseneck ball, you'll see this black portion up at the top.

You pop that up and turn it off to the side. Now it's in the open position, and the ball bearings here will actually go in when you set it in place. At this point, you can take it in, take it out, as often as you need. Now, to lock in place, you twist and let down, and your gooseneck ball is ready to go. Next, we'll go ahead and install the safety chain loops. You'll match up the feet to match your receiver here, and then twist.

Once it's down like that, you can't remove them, because this will keep it from turning. Now, to remove them, just lift up, twist, and lift up. We'll repeat this for the other side. When you're ready to take the ball out, you don't want any dirt or grime to get down there and possibly affect the ball going back in. In this case, we're actually going to have a couple options. The kit does come with a rubber cover you can put on there to protect it from the dirt and grime, or the truck itself came with this cap that will do essentially the same thing.

Pretty much it's up to you. Once everything's said and done, you're done using your gooseneck ball, again, a really nice feature about this, you can put everything in a convenient carrying case. Again, we'll go ahead and remove the ball, get our carrying case out, and place our ball inside. Remove our safety chain loops, place them in the bag as well. Finally, we'll install a rubber cap for the ball to make sure that it doesn't get grimed, and then we'll install the final two caps over our receivers. There you have it for the Reese Elite Series Pop-In Ball Kit for Ram under-bed gooseneck hitches, part number RP30140.

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