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Reese M5 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch Review

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Review of the Reese M5 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch

We're going to be taking a look at Reese's M5 fifth Wheel Hitch for Ford vehicles with a prep package for fifth wheels. You can get this at either a 27K or a 20K model. We're showing up 27K today. Now, if you have a factory puck system, a hitch like this it's gonna install extremely easy. You do have to do a little bit of pre-assembly to attach the parts once you get them from the box, but once it's assembled you could either do it in the truck bed which we're going to be showing you how to do because it's easy to do if you're doing it all by yourself or if you've got a friend there to help you you can assemble it out of the truck. What you'll want to do to remove and insert your fifth wheel hitch for the whole assembly.

Let's say maybe we're getting ready to go pick up a load and we need to get the fifth wheel out of here, we pull our pin there and then once you've got your handle's loose you can see here the fifth wheel we'll just lift off right out of it. Now I do recommend an extra set of hands for a fully assembled unit here. I'm not going to be pulling the whole thing all the way out. And when you're ready to put it back in, it's just as easy, you just got to turn your handles until they line up with the pucks. Sometimes you do need to go over to the other side just to give a little lift, to get it all lined up and then you can just turn your handles and re-install the clips to re-attach it.

Instead of using the included bale clip you could put a padlock on there as well to protect your investment. And what's great about a fifth wheel hitch like this is that there's really almost no installation. There's no above bed rails or under bed kit that needs to be installed. It just drops right in, and then when you got to take it back out since it's a nice factory setup, the attachment points have plugs that cover them right back up. And it's like, you don't have a fifth wheel at all, you're back to just a full truck bed.

Now, when you're ready to tow first thing we'll do is remove our bail clip, get that out of the way. And then we'll take our handle here, we're just going to pull the handle, and that's going to put us in our unlatch position. There's a couple of things that happen to let you know that you're in the ready to accept position, hook up a trailer. One, the handle will easily pull towards the cab of the vehicle. And when you let it go and it snaps back into place it's not going to line the bail clip holes back up, so we're not going to be able to re-insert our pin.

And there's also an indicator here on the side of the head that changes from green to red, red being ready to accept. And the alignment hole for our bail clip will line back up, we'll want to make sure that we have this clip re-inserted and fully installed before we take off with our connected trailer. And that completes our look at Reese's M5 Fifth Wheel Hitch with factory prep package for fifth wheel hitches..

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