Reese Goose Box 5th-Wheel-to-Gooseneck Air Ride Coupler Adapter Review and Installation

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Review and How to Install the Reese Goose Box 5th-Wheel-to-Gooseneck Air Ride Coupler Adapter

Randy: Hey guys, it's Randy here at Today, we're taking a look at the Reese Goose Box. So this is going to be a fifth wheel king pin replacement that allows us to connect to a Goose Ball in our truck. So we don't have to have the fifth wheel in the bed of the truck, taking up all that space. We don't have to have fifth wheel rails in the bed of the truck that we have to work around anytime we actually want to use our truck. It's going to be a very nice solid replacement and it has huge benefits to it.Basically, we've got an airbag built-in right here.

This entire lower portion, pivots this direction on this main bolt. So as we encounter the stuff we typically do, as we're heading down the road, bumps and stuff like that. All of that gets absorbed not only by that airbag, but also by the dual shocks that you'll see in just a minute here on the backside, reduces chucking, it reduces the uncomfortableness that typically comes with hauling a fifth wheel. The porpoising as we head down the road that gets absorbed and it can also help to take a lot of the stress off of our truck and off of our trailer, because all of that absorption that we have right here in the middle.Now we have replacements for the 1716, the 0719, the 1621 and the 1621 HD. That's going to be either in a 16,000 pound capacity or in a 20 pound, 20,000 pound capacity.

So we should have one that's going to fit the more common pin boxes out there. It's going to use all the same hardware. If your hardware is damaged or there's any kind of issues with it, you want to replace it with five, eight inch diameter hardware. Great aid is what I prefer. And as you can see, we've got our bolt pass through our wing plate here into the pin box, the flat washer on the inside, we'll use a lock washer and a nut to keep everything really nice and secure.

Now, of course not every truck and trailer combination are created equal. So this is a fully adjustable setup. You can see our Schrader valve right here.We can add or reduce the amount of air that we have in that airbag to fine tune it for our application. And here you can see those shocks, the air bag takes a lot of the brunt force out of the situation. The shocks just keep everything from moving around.

So any of that bouncing or that chucking really gets isolated right in this area. Something else I really like about this coupler that I think is an improvement over the gen y, which I really, really liked the gen y. I liked the gen Y and its function a little better than what I like this one, but one thing I do really like on this one, the gen Y does not have, is the quick latch mechanism here. So we're going to bring this up, lower it down onto our two and five 16th inch ball. This lever is going to come back and then move back forward, locking it in position. That point we can just hang our T handle here and we're ready to uncouple our trailer.Just pull that back, lock it back in that slot. That's going to hold it in that unlocked position. So as we raise it, it's going to come right up and off. To make sure that that works properly, you can see there's a grease zerk right here on the back side. This is going to allow us to get grease into this pivot point and ensure that it stays working for a very long time. And the overall quality and construction is really good, nice, heavy duty steel components all the way through it. And the powder coat finish on it is really good. We mentioned it just a little while ago, but the gen Y is the closest competitor to this really. Both the goose box and the gen y don't really avoid any kind of warranties on your camper. There's a convertible version which will attach to the King pin, pin box.And that when you got to watch out for some manufacturers, don't like that being on their camper. So keep that in mind. But if I we're choosing between the Reese goose box and the gen Y I would go with the gen y. I liked their finished quality more, it's got kind of a hammered finish. Their powder coat is really, really good. And I liked that there's no maintenance with the gen y. As long as your camper falls within that tongue weight range, which is appropriate for that head, you don't have to change air pressure in your airbags, you don't have to worry about shocks deteriorating over time. It uses a torsion flex system. Now, with that one, it's just got one setting. So you want to be sure that you're in the middle of that optimal range on it to ensure that you're going to get any benefit out of it. If you're not in that optimal range, I think the goose box is definitely the way to go, because we can adjust this and get it where we want it.Right now, with an extra set of hands, we're going to get our pin backs, put back in position. We're going to ease it in here. And it's a good idea to have somebody ready with the bolts to get them put in place for you.You want to get two of them started on each side. Here we go. Now we're reusing the old hardware. And basically we're just going to put our five-eighths bolt through the flat washer. Then on the backside, we've got a lock washer and a nut that goes in place. So we're just going to get these started snugged down, and then we'll torque them down to specifications.Now for these five-eights bolts, you want to use a 15 sixteenths. We're going to use an impact here with a wrench.Now another nice feature is the auto latch. And we're going to show you that as we couple, it makes it real easy. Especially with the wiring plug there at the back. We can plug that in and head down the road. So take a look at that now. Something else I like about that is it goes down and on. You'll see it kind of guides itself on, so you don't have to be perfectly centered underneath there. It's got a little bit of a bevel that allows it to come in, lines it up for it. See you'll see that lever start to move back there. Go into the unlocked position, and then right back forward for us.Now I have this in the fully locked position. Now, we'll just pull up our landing gear the rest of the way and hook up our chains and our wiring will be ready to go. Now, during your initial setup, you need to add air into the pin box. And basically you're just going to go up until the mark. So we're going to take our airline, bring it in over here and get our air added.Once we've got up to the appropriate mark there, we know that we're good to go, and our pin box is level. If we need to take a little bit out. Pretty easy. You see that's going to allow us to fine tune that red. Now, when we we're ready to unhook, we'll just use the bracket here. What we want to do, is pull it out and back behind, and that's going to keep it unlocked for us. At that point, we'll just raise our landing gear and be ready to disconnect.So as you guys can see, there're big benefits in a goose box. All that absorption that we get, not having to have that fifth wheel in the back of our vehicle. I really, really liked this idea. And if I had a fifth wheel camper like this, I would definitely be using either this or the gen y. I'd use the gen y if I fell within the sweet range of it, if I didn't, this would be the one I had. I just liked the idea of connecting to a gooseneck ball, that we can flip over and hide. I also liked the idea of taking a lot of the stress off the truck and off the trailer. So definitely a good investment. You'll also hear that when working with customers or I've heard it when working with customers that wish I would've got with sooner, it makes the ride so much better. It's a lot easier on my truck. It's a lot easier on my camper. So definitely a good investment, especially if you're putting some miles on your camper..

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I would first double check to see if it's the air bag itself or perhaps the valve that needs replacing. You can verify this by spraying the air bag and any connections down with soapy water. Wherever you see bubble is where the leak is.

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