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Reese Hitch Cargo Carrier Review - 2014 Chevrolet Malibu

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Review of the Reese Hitch Cargo Carrier on a 2014 Chevrolet Malibu

Zach: Hey, everybody. Zach here at Today we're going to be taking a look at the Reese Explore cargo carrier on our 2014 Chevrolet Malibu. This is going to be an inch and a quarter cargo carrier that's going to allow us to free up some space in our trunk or in the back seat so we can have more room for other belongings. It's also great for carrying stuff that's dirty or too large to fit in the trunk.Now, when it comes to these cargo carriers, capacity is usually the biggest question and this one has a really good capacity at 300 pounds. Now, that's not the highest capacity cargo carrier we offer, but it is really good for an inch and a quarter.

Generally, the tongue weight capacity on these hitches isn't very high anyways, so I think we're a little bit low on this hitch today with that 300 pounds, but we don't really want to get close to it anyway. You can see this is going to have a really good size for us. Let's get a couple of measurements on that to see what that usable space is. The interior is going to be 48 inches by 20 inches, so pretty good space there. It's not overhanging the car by any means.

I'm going to be able to carry a lot of different things. We've tested this out and we had a couple of different duffle bags that fit in here just fine. It's going to be 5 and a half inches from the floor here to the top.You can see all the way around, we're going to have good spots to put some straps, whether it's cam buckle or ratchet straps, so we can secure our load properly. What I like about Reese's setup on their cargo carriers is they include these little mounting locations where you can put some lights in place, so they have a nice light set. If you have a four flat trailer wiring already installed on your car, you can just plug that in and it gives you your stop and turn and running lights.

As you're getting stuff back here or you start blocking your taillights, it's nice to have those added on. I really like that Reese does that. The finish on it is pretty nice. It's got a nice black powder coat to it. It's going to help fight rust and corrosion, and we have this mesh flooring that is a little loose there.

That's pretty standard with cargo carriers, but it's going to be big enough to allow stuff to fall through, but it's small enough where we're not going to have bags hanging through versus if it was like slat-style cargo carriers.Now, when it comes to how much this is adding to the back of the vehicle, I'm going to go from this point right here on our bumper. We're only adding about 26 inches to the back of the vehicle and the closest point is about five and a half inches. This is a fixed cargo carrier, so some cargo carriers will allow you to fold it up against the vehicle when you're not using it. This one doesn't, so it's just in this position. We do get that nice rise in that shank. With this Malibu being lower to the ground, you do want a little bit of elevation back here to try to reduce the drag if you go into a steep driveway. That's 13 inches, so that's pretty high off the ground. I think if you've gotten into a really steep incline, you may have issues, but that's still pretty good height back there.Now, another thing that you want to point out is the exhaust and on this one here today, we don't really have any issues with our exhaust coming out. If you had a different trim package, we're sitting pretty far off here, but if your exhaust was sitting close, you do want to be mindful of any heat sensitive items. Then another thing is the break-over point of our trunk, which is not going to be an issue. You can see here, no issues. No matter how high you got this stacked up, that's not going to have any clearance issues, which is the nice thing about having a cargo carrier with most cars.We take a closer look down at the hitch and you can see how this only works with inch and a quarter hitches. It does come with the included pin and clip. One thing that I would maybe suggest picking up is an anti-rattle device. You can see there's a little bit of movement in there. It's actually not that bad, so I think you could get away with not having one, but if you wanted a little bit more secure fit, you can pick up a couple of different anti-rattle devices. There's the pro series anti-rattle device that just wraps around the shank here and then it wraps around that collar and it provides a little snugger fit. We've tested that out. It did a pretty decent job. It didn't completely eliminate it, but most anti-rattles won't, but I still think that this is a nice fit here today.Overall, you're getting a good capacity with this, it's not very heavy. It is steel construction, so it's not lightweight by any means either, but you're going to get that added capacity to carry larger items or just be able to take a few more things with you on your trip. I think it's really a nice addition for all kinds of different uses and especially giving you a little bit more cargo space in the Malibu, that's really nice. That's going to do it for our look at the Reese Explore cargo carrier on our 2014 Chevrolet Malibu.Here it is on our test course. We'll start by going through the slalom. This is going to show us the side to side action, which simulates turning corners or evasive maneuvers. Next we're at the alternating speed bumps, which we'll see the twisting action. This will simulate hitting a curb or pothole or driving over uneven pavement. Finally, we have the full speed bumps, where we'll see the up and down action, which is just like driving out of a parking lot, garage or driveway.

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