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Reese Spacer Kit for Rotating Turrets Review

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Review of the Reese Spacer Kit for Rotating Turrets

Today, we're going to take a look at and show you how to install the Reese Rotating Turret for the 5th Airborne and Sidewinder 5th Wheel Kingpins. Now, when we use this with part number RP61301, which is the spacer kit, it's an exact replacement for the ST100 rotating turret. In that configuration, it'll fit the Fabex 500, 503, 520, 530, 560, and 765, as well as the Lippert 1116, 1716, 0115, and the RBW7019, and 7028. Now, here's what our turret's going to look like. We're just going to be replacing the existing turret that was on our customer's Airborne Sidewinder here. Basically, what has happened is he's switched to a different camper and this doesn't give him the width we need, so we need to go with one just a little bit wider to make up that spacing.

Nice thing about it, we have several different turrets available. In this case, if like this customer, if you are switching campers, we can just simply get a new turret to put on there to fill up that gap. We don't have to buying the whole Sidewinder kit again. These work really well with the Sidewinder or with the 5th Airborne Sidewinder kits. They're just a replacement. Here, we've got four bolts that we're going to remove.

We have already added on one of our side plates here. Once we have it installed, we'll show you how to add the other one on. It's really straightforward, really simple. With the side plates that we've got here, part number RP61301, this is actually going to turn our turret right into that ST100 that was previously offered. This'll sit right here on the side.

We'll show you how that goes on in a minute. Let's get the turret installed on the Sidewinder. We want to remove the four existing bolts right here on the top. Hang on to them, because we're going to be reusing them. Lift that plate up.

With the plate should come our ring. Our turret kit's going to come with a new ring, so we won't need to hang onto that. Keep that for backup. Grab both sides of the turret, lift straight up on it. See there it's going to slide right off. We'll set this aside. The new turret is going to slide right down on it. This cutout here should be facing toward our truck. We're going to place our ring right down on top. See, that's going to allow it to spin freely there. Our top plate's going to come down on, then we'll snug those bolts down and torque them to the specifications that we'll find in our instructions. Now, for our side plates, simply take the roll pins that are provided. We want the notched side to be facing downward. We'll line up the small holes, see we've got two here in the side plate. There's going to be two in the side of the turret. I'm just going to set our side plates down on a flat surface. Use the roll pins and a hammer, and we'll just tap these in. Once we've got them started there, line them up with out turret. Then, we can just simply knock them on in. We want to make sure those roll pins are flush with the outside edge here. As we slide this in place, our pin box is going to slide down the outside. If those pins we're sticking out at all, they're going to cause it to hang up on us. Let's go ahead, head out and get it installed on the camper. Depending on which pin box we're going into, or which set of brackets we're going into, that's going to vary which hole location that we'll be using now. We're doing the Lippert 1716, so we're going to use hole pattern or configuration B, which is going to be the low hole closer to the middle on the bottom, then the hole closest to the middle on the top. You can see I just used a little white paint marker, kind of marked them. That way, when we get it up in place we'll be able to kind of identify those. We'll be looking through the side plate, so we want to be able to identify that we've got those lined up. Now, let's go ahead and stick it up in there. Now that we've got our holes lined up, we'll take our bolt, we're going to take our provided hardware with the flat washer. Slide it through from the outside. Then, on the backside, we'll have a conical tooth washer. The teeth of that need to face outward towards the side plate. Then, we've got a hex nut that we'll put on there as well. Now, we'll just go through and snug down each one of our bolts, then we can torque them to specification. Now we've mounted our breakaway switch and our junction box back up into place. We're going to keep them mounted on the part that's attached to the camper itself. That way we don't have to worry about our wires being stretched too much. Remember, it's going to pivot here now instead of here on the front. We don't want to attach that stuff up here, because then it's going to be flexing that wire in and out all the time as it turns. With everything back in place and re-secure, that's going to complete today's installation of the Rotating Turret for the 5th Airborne and Sidewinder 5th Wheel Kingpins.

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