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Rhino-Rack Cam Buckle Cinch Straps Review

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Review of the Rhino-Rack Cam Buckle Cinch Straps

Today, we're going to be taking a look at the Rhino-Rack locking cam buckle cinch straps, part number RRRTD55L. These also come in eight and 3/16" long as part number RRRTD25L, as well as 11-1/2" long as part number RRRTD35L and finally in 14-13/16" long as part number RRRTD45L. The Rhino-Rack locking cinch straps are great for securing your cargo, whether it be on your cargo basket, your kayak carrier, or even your ladder rack. Each strap does have this nice rubber padding here to ensure that whatever it is you're hauling doesn't get scratched up. Also, since it does lock, your gear is going to be secure while you drive and it comes with two keys. Each strap has polyurethane coated steel wires on the inside, which is going to make the straps resistant to cutting. The straps have a load limit of 496 pounds and they also come with hook and loop straps to hold your straps in place while you're traveling, or whenever you're finished, to cinch them up and put them away for storage. Now that we've gone over some of the features, lets go ahead and show you how these install. We have it folded up here on our vehicle.

We'll go ahead and first, unlock the top here. You want to pop it off and it will come all the way off. Now, we'll go ahead and undo our hook and loop strap here that's holding the cinch straps together. Completely remove that. Now, we can go ahead and install it on our kayak. With our strap ran, we're going to go ahead to our locking tab here, we'll push that open, like so.

Then, push our strap through so we can get a decent grip of it and just pull it until it's tight. Now, we'll go ahead and place on our locking cap, like so, pushing it into place, then locking it. Then, we'll go ahead and tie up our excess as well. We're going to use the strap that came with this initially, to hold that in place. Then, we'll place it inside the kayak. Now we're ready to go.

There you have it for the Rhino-Rack locking cam buckle cinch straps.

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