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Rhino-Rack Fishing Rod Carrier Review

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Review of the Rhino Rack Fishing Rod Carrier

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at the Rhino Rack line of roof rack mounted fishing rod holders. These are available in a four rod, five rod, eight rod or 11 rod capacity. Typically, when you're going out fishing you're not just taking one rod with you. You've got different rods for different species, you want to pack those along. As you start getting more and more people involved in that trip, this is kind of what you're going to wind up with. This leads to several problems.

A couple of which are going to be one broke rods. I've lost several good rods in this kind of situation. Either you've got a cooler that slides over, bends your eyelets, breaks the rod, it's not a very useful rod after that. Also, if you've got any kids, when those rods are sticking up there and very easy for them to reach, they just can't help themselves from playing with them.Here's a really good solution from Rhino Rack. As you can see, we we're able to get all 11 of the rods in the back of the vehicle out, mounted up here safely on the roof of the vehicle, giving us a lot more room inside for the items we need and drastically reducing the amount of money we're going to have to spend replacing rods.As you can see, regardless of the size of the rods, the rubber lined jaws are going to hold them all in place really well.

As you can see, here on the thinner, fly rod that we're working with, it's held in place really well. You can't move it side to side. We have our handles here, everything is in position really well, even up to the largest rod like our surf rod here.One thing to keep in mind, if you're fishing trips require rods larger than this, swing by and pick me up. The jaws themselves are made out of aluminum. Our end caps are nice heavy duty AVS plastic, just like our clamp.

Even in this harsh, salt water type environments we shouldn't have any issue at all with corrosion. You can see our button here at the end. It's nice and large so even if it is a little bit colder outside and you've got gloves on, shouldn't have issue getting to them to push them.One thing to keep in mind even in the off season with the exception of the smallest version that will just carry skis, these will also carry skis and snowboards. The clamps are designed to be extremely universal. These are going to work out with your square, aero, elliptical, and even your factory style cross bars.

One thing you want to keep in mind, it can also be adapted to work with the Rhino Rack Heavy Duty Refract systems or the Pioneer Platform Rack.As we said, the clamps are designed to work with about any refract system on the market. You just want to ensure that you open those up and we'll show you here at each attachment point, you'll have the screw that has this safety style head on it or the security style head. Then a flat washer. You want to be sure you've got that at all four locations on both of your holders. We'll place that over our crossbars. Going to bring the lower portion of the clamp down and around and just start by hand, your bolt on the back here. We'll do the same thing over here on the other side. Now, you can choose which way you mount this. You can put the release knob on the driver's side or on the passenger side. You want them both to be on the same side, makes it a lot easier to use. You do have that option. We're just going to secure them down per the instructions. It's not something that we need to over tighten. They hold in place really well so don't over tighten them.Once the base clamps are secured, initially, you're going to notice a little bit of wobble. That's basically so they can turn those clamps parallel just to get it in a little bit smaller box. We'll want to tighten the silver nut that's located inside. You'll use the same tool that came with the kit to do that and that will secure everything up. If you want a little more compact storage, when these aren't in use, you can loosen that up and that clamp will turn back in line with the carrier. We've got one of these on each side, so be sure you get both of them.At that point everything's nice and secure. Now, you'll just move to the rear. You're going to repeat that exact same process, again, keep both your buttons on the same side for ease of use. It's a good idea to have them in line with each other.Now, when loading up your rods, just going to hit the button on each end, you'll notice the spring loaded design. It's going to raise those and hold them open for us. With those open, we're ready to start loading our rods. I like to load my rods to where about the end of the handle here, it's going to be pretty close to the carrier. We can load them front or backwards, however we choose. As you can see, regardless of the size of the rod, any typical sized fishing rod is going to fit in here and it will be held well. Just watch your spacing, keep them nice and even.Once we've confirmed our rods are where we want them, we've got them in line, we'll just squeeze down, allow the holder to lock in place. Move up to the front and do the same thing there. Then we'll be sure to lock each one before we head down the road to prevent them from coming undone. This will also of course secure all of your gear in so it won't come up missing.Depending on how you load your rods, if you're using it on a SUV, you want to be mindful when you open the rear hatch. If you've got the ends of the rods sticking rearward, and you're hatch opens up above the carrier line, you're probably going to have some contact and you don't want to damage your rods trying to protect them.Now, if you do decide you're going to go with the T-slat mounting option, it's a pretty simple process to do that. We just didn't need to move our clamp here, so we're going to open the carrier, then with that same provided tool, we just want to loosen this up here. Take that off. Inside of that clamp you'll see our T-slot bolt. Inside we've got a flat washer and lock washer we want to retain, bring our bolt back through. Place on the flat washer then the lock washer. Then just add that nut back on. We want to leave this loose for now, this is what we'll use to tighten it down to that slot. You can see right here. It will slide right in place. Remove your end cap, pull out your rubber strips, it's just going to slide right in. Then of course, you'll use your tool and just tighten it down from the top.That's going to complete our look at the Rhino Rack line of roof rack mounted fishing pole holders.

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