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Rhino-Rack MasterFit Rooftop Cargo Box Review

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Review of the Rhino-Rack MasterFit Rooftop Cargo Box

Collin: Hey guys, Collin here at etrailer. Today, we're going to take a look at the Rhino Rack Master Fit Rooftop Cargo Box. This box has been designed to mount to the roof rack of your vehicle. It's going to provide you with an enclosed space on top of your roof to get any excess cargo out of your vehicle and get it stored and protected from the elements. This is going to be very convenient for long road trips, where you might need to get some excess luggage up there, maybe even golf clubs or strollers, so they keep them out of the vehicle and conserve on space. If you're the sporty type, it'll also work for those skis and snowboards, and keep them out of the elements and road salt, which could take a toll on them.

The box has a nice and durable ABS plastic construction, that's going to help or resist impacts and UV rays.So, any of that loose debris that may pop up and hit your box while you're traveling, it's going to make sure it protects your contents on the inside. It's got a nice aerodynamic shape to it. That's going to help cut down on wind noise and drag. While the lid itself actually has a textured finish to it, you can see as I scratch it, you can kind of feel that, it's going to give it a more rugged look and that textured finish is going to hide scratches a lot better than some of those glossy finished boxes you see. Now, as far as the space this box is going to take up on your roof rack, it's going to be 75 inches long by 32 inches wide, and it's going to add 16 inches to the height of your roof rack.Now, the box is going to be theft-deterrent.

It's going to have a lock on it so that when you have to open it, you just insert your key, turn it to the unlock position. It's going to unlock three latches on the inside. You can see where these caps are on the middle, then the front. And, there's also going to be two more on the back, that's where those latches will be. Once you unlock it, it's going to undo those latches and we can open up our box.

You can see we've got a couple of duffle bags and a couple set of skis up here for our trip. It is going to come with cam buckle straps to be able to secure your cargo, as well as integrated tie-down points. Now, we don't have our duffle bags tied down, we just have our ski secured. The duffle bags are pretty dense, they're not going to shift at all during travel because they are a little bit taller as well, but the skis are secure with those cam buckle straps.One thing you do want to keep in mind when you're loading up your box is that this does have a weight capacity of 165 pounds, but you do want to be sure you double-check with the owner's manual of your roof rack and your vehicle's owner's manual to make sure that both of those can handle that weight. Now, one of the really cool features about this box is that it does have a dual-sided opening lid.

So, we're going to go ahead and close this up and lock it. This is going to be convenient for times where maybe you can't access the box from the passenger side of the vehicle, so you got to come over to the driver's side and get it.It could be a car parked right there, or you might be against the wall in your garage. So, we can just go over to our driver's side. It's going to operate the same way. Insert our key, unlock it, and then open it. And, as you can see, we are going to have a full access to our equipment. Now, with the box empty, we can have a closer look at the inside. You can see, it is very spacious. We have about 15 and a half cubic feet of storage, that is going to be enough for your mid-sized families to get your duffel bags and other cargo loaded up for a long trip, or even a couple of sets of skis and snowboards. Now, it's going to mount using four of these master grip clamps. You can see that they have nice metal clamps right here with rubber coatings on them, that's going to help make sure it doesn't scratch or harm the finish of your crossbars.Now, if we come out here, we'll show you how these work on our crossbar overhang that we have. Basically, when they drop through, they're just going to clamp around the crossbar like so. You can see how they kind of close in like that, and they tightened down just like that. Once we get it tight, you can see that they're very solid on there. I would advise, if at all possible, to make sure you keep these on the inside of your leg, just because that's going to be the strongest point. However, it's not going to hurt too much to have it on the outside. There is a rubber track on the inside for all four clamps, this is going to help accommodate a wide variety of crossbar spreads. You just drop it down through and then tighten it down.Now, depending on the length of your crossbars, with this certain setup, we we're actually able to scoot it all the way over to the passenger side and get a bike rack loaded on the other side. We're just trying to maximize the space of our roof rack. And, if you have longer crossbars, you have enough overhang to be able to move it over there, you may even be able to get a kayak up there or even two bikes. Now that we've gone over some of those features, let's show you guys how to get this installed.Now, when it comes to installing this, it comes in at just about 56 pounds, so it is manageable to do by yourself if you want to. If you're uncomfortable with that, go ahead and get an extra set of hands, and it won't be too hard. If you are going to do it by yourself, I would advise getting it set on a table like we have right now, it'll make it a lot easier to go up to the roof, instead of coming from the floor all the way to the roof. I'm just going to slide it and pick it up.Once you get it on your crossbars, you can just slide it on over and position it wherever you want it on the roof. Now, if you don't have anything else to install on your roof rack, I'd advise going ahead and getting it centered on your roof. If you have enough crossbar space and you want to be able to put a kayak up there, maybe even a bike rack, you can pull it as far out to the passenger side or the driver's side, as you can, just whatever fits your needs to the best.Now also, when positioning it, as far as more towards the front and more towards the back, just make sure you're going to be able to have access to your trunk. With their SUV right here, we've got plenty of space between the hatch and the box, so we're good right there. Now, we can just go ahead and open up our box. When you're opening it without any clamps installed, it might be a little difficult, just because nothing's holding the bottom down. So, just get your hand right there and just push up. Once you get those hinges up, it'll be all good.Here we go. Now, we can get our first clamp installed. Like we said, just going to drop through all the way. You can see the claws coming out of the bottom. Now, to tighten it down, we're going to need a push on that red button right there. That's going to unlock our knob to be able to tighten it down. So, we'll just tighten it up. No need to over tighten it, just get it pretty snug. This is going to be tool free installation. Once you've got it tightened down, we'll just push on that cap, and that's going to lock it into place. Once you've got all four of the clamps installed, go ahead and give it a good shake and make sure that it's stable, and then make any adjustments if you need to. If not, we're ready to load it up.Once you've got your box loaded up, you're going to be ready to hit the road. Thank you all for watching. That's going to do it for our look at the Rhino Rack Master Fit Rooftop Cargo Box..

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