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Rhino-Rack Mountain Trail Rooftop Bike Rack Review

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Review of the Rhino Rack Mountain Trail Rooftop Bike Rack

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Rhino Rack Mountain Trail rooftop bike rack, part number RBC035. This bike rack accommodates many bike styles from mountain bikes, racing bikes, and bikes with disc brakes. As you can see this specially designed cut out here at the back side of the bike rack, which is designed for the bikes with disc brakes. It's made of a lightweight aluminum material that resists rust and corrosion. At the back of the bike rack is this sliding back wheel tray that's going to accommodate different bike lengths. It uses a nice soft plastic so that when you go through your rim of the bike it's not going to scuff it up or damage any sensitive materials. It uses a ratcheting strap to make sure the back tire is actually secure.

The Rhino Rack Mountain Trail will allow you to carry one bike on the roof of your vehicle. There's a 9 millimeter quick release skewer that's going to allow you to quickly and easily unload and load your bike. The skewer also locks using one of the two included keys so that your bike can be secured to the rack. Now, there's also this black plastic cover at the front of the rack which locks the rack to your cross bars. It does that by securing the two strap ends here which is going to prevent anyone from gaining access to the silver bolt and removing the straps. I'll go ahead and show you how to install it. The first thing we're going to do is we're going to need to use one of the keys to unlock the black plastic cover.

With them cover removed we'll then need to use the included Allen key to loosen up this silver bolt here, which is going to allow us to loosen up these rubber coated straps. It actually is loose enough that you can just use your hands to loosen it up. You're able to pull those straps out. Then we can just simply place the rack up onto our cross bars. Now, with the front of the bike rack in position we can, again, just continue to loosen up the silver bolt. That way we can bring the straps around.

Now, we can bring the straps around and hook them back into the head of the bike rack. Can see how these little ends of the strap here fit nicely into those grooves. That's just going to help keep them in place. Now, before I tighten down the front I'm just going to get the back bracket in position. We'll just need to loosen up one of these black wing nuts and position the bracket around the underside of the rear bar. Now we'll just go ahead and fully tighten them down.

Now, with the rear bracket in position we'll move back up to the front and tighten down the silver bolt. With that tight, we can go ahead and replace our black plastic cover. The universal mounting hardware allows you to install the bike rack on almost any cross bar configuration. It has a carrying capacity of 1 bicycle, with a weight capacity of 35 pounds. It fits round, square, arrow, elliptical, and most factory cross bars an comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Now, we'll go ahead and show you how to load up a bike. The first thing we'll need to do is just double check to make sure our skewer is loose. This is going to ensure that the forks of our bike can slide down on to. Then we'll go ahead and push in the button at the back of the bike rack which is going to free up our ratcheting strap. Then we'll place our bike up onto the bike rack, sliding the forks down onto the skewer. Then we'll go ahead and turn the skewer to tighten it down, then clamp it into position. We can then go ahead and lock it in place. Now, at the rear, we'll place the strap through the spokes, around the rim, into the buckle, and pull it tight. With our bike all loaded up we'll go ahead and take it out on a test course to show you how it performs. That'll complete today's review of the Rhino Rack Mountain Trail rooftop bike rack. Part number RBC035. .

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