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Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform Racks Rail Kit Review

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Review of the Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform Racks Rail Kit

Hey guys. Randy here at Today we're going to be taking a look at the Rhino Rack options for rail kits. Now we've got several different configurations available. Today we're taking a look at the side and rear, or side and front depending on where you want to place it. We also have a kit that would end just like this on each side.

It'll be just the side rail kit, so that gives you some nice tie down and there's a full rail kit. If you want the side rails, front, side, and rear. That way you can go all the way around. So it's nice that you have different options like this available. It's going to create some good containment.You can see we've got our bags up here, and we've got them strapped down.

But as cars shifts I decide and things like that we might have these at one the shift over towards the side and this is going to keep them from slipping off. It also provides some good connection points for some of the straps and stuff to get those strapped down. And I think, even if you don't really use your platform all that often, it gives it a nice look. I think the side rails give it a nice sleek look. I think the full rail kit gives it a real nice rugged look.

So, all in all, it's a great way to either accessorize your rack, or add some functionality to it. Now, while the full kit and the side rail kit are pretty much going to be fixed in the location they need to be on your rack, when you go with the front and side, like what we've got here at the rear inside. How we've got it placed.This can be positioned anywhere along your rack. So if you need some containment, maybe up front for some square items and you want to strap those down, we could bring the front and rear together to get that and still have an open area on the backside of our rack. So I like the functionality of this.

I like how it can move in and out, and we can kind of customize it for each different situation.Just to give you an idea of the spacing you're going to need. Once the rail kit's mounted to our Pioneer platform, from the top edge of our platform to the top edge of the rail, it's about two and five eighths of an inch. So you got really nice containment there. It's going to give us plenty of support from any kind of shifting load, but it's not going to stick up all that high to where you'll run into interference in the garage and stuff like that. But if your garage is, if your garage door is pretty close to the top of your rack, just park under and make sure you've got that two and five eighths that you're going to need. So this'll slide under it as well.Something that I really like about the rail kit, and our customers seem to really enjoy it too, just like all the other Rhino Rack accessories for the Pioneer platform, there is no drilling or modifications required, so you don't have to sacrifice anything to get that containment or that functionality on your roof. But something you want to keep in mind, all the Pioneer Platform racks have different dimensions. Some of them are wider, some of them are longer, so you want to be sure you're choosing the rail kit that matches up with the dimensions of your Pioneer platform. Outside of that, once you've got it, you're just going to assemble it and install it. Now, we'll take a look at that process.Regardless of which rail kit you choose, you're going to want to get it installed. So we're going to do our pre-assembly first. Just get it all put together. And we'll kind of show you how it goes in here. I'm going to bring those first set all the way back and we'll just begin to slide it forward. Now, as we do, we're going to hold up that next set we can grab right inside. Hold the bolts up till we get those in line. Now those just slide in, and we just keep going like that. We're going to get our six in here. If you've got a full kit, then you might have a few more, but we'll get those to where they're slid into position. With those in line, we'll just continue to slide it forward here. And down in. Now we can bring it all the way to the back there if we want. Or, position it anywhere along here that we want. So that'll just slide forward and back, so we can make our area of containment up here as large, or as small as we want.Now, of course with the full rail kit, we'll want to bring it right back, all the way back, and then we'll have our rails all the way around. If you're just doing the side rail kit, those are going to run pretty much the length of the side of the rack for you, depending on the size you choose. But, once you've got it positioned where you want it, it's time to grab a 13 millimeter wrench. We just want to go down and tighten up our hardware.

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