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Rhino-Rack Crossbars and Roof Rack Tracks Quick Mount Legs Review

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Review of the Rhino-Rack Crossbars and Roof Rack Tracks Quick Mount Legs

Hi there platform and roof rack owners. Today we're gonna be taking a look at Rhino Rack's quick release feet. These legs are designed to work with either platform racks or Rhino Racks, Vortex Aero crossbars, and they will connect to run RX RTC or RT style roof rack tracks. We'll show you the quick release in action here. We've already got our platform rack installed. We're going to go ahead and insert our key and remove our cover.

And here you can see the quick release mechanism inside. To release it you'll simply just squeeze these two pieces together and then once you squeeze them if you actually push inward just a little bit it'll hold it in place in the unlocked position. We're going to repeat that at all the feet. Once we've got it released all the way you can see here that the system simply just lifts off and here you can see the quick release tab. So I'm gonna go ahead and release them so you can see how they work.

They pop out, which would hook it into the portion that is bolted down to the top of your vehicle. We're going to go ahead and squeeze them back together. Make sure that all of them are pressed in. We can then take our accessory with our feet at the appropriate location drop it down into place, and then just pull those out. Once you pull them out you do often have to just get a little bit of a tug downward to make them pop into place.

And the best part about having feet like this versus your traditional style roof rack feet is when you want to take your platform or roof rack off it's as simple as squeezing those tabs and just setting it in your garage. Putting it back in place is just as easy as you saw versus the traditional style. You're either going to have to take out hardware underneath or on top. And it's just a lot longer of a process. And you have parts you have to keep track of afterwards, all that hardware.

With this you don't have to worry about any of that. All of the sets can be purchased with matching locks. So that way you can have one key that will work with all of your feet. And that completes our look at Rhino Rack's quick release feet for roof rack and platform racks..

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