Rhino Rack Roof Rack Review - 2016 Honda CR-V

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Review of the Rhino Rack Roof Rack on a 2016 Honda CR-V

Today on our 2016 Honda CRV we're doing a test fit of the Rhino Rack Vortex Arrow crossbars. The crossbar part number that we're using today is RRVA137B-2. For our foot pack here we're using RRLKVA, and for our fit kit for our CRV we are using part number DK284. Now, here we have our back crossbar. We already have our front crossbar on and secure. We're going to start with this one here, and we're going to show you how to put our last foot pack together with out fit kit, and then show you how it goes on our vehicle. We're going to start off by taking this bottom portion of our foot pack, and it just pops off just like that.

We want our pad here to fit onto our foot pack, and we also want that arrow, I'm going to want it facing towards me. We're just going to pop this on here and fit that back on. Simply just pops into place. I've gone ahead and removed this bolt. It fits right in the center of our foot pack there.

With that removed we're going to place on our clamp and we're going to tighten down our bolt. All right. With that mostly tightened down, I have it just poking through the back there, we're going to slide it onto our crossbar underneath there. We're going to measure this inside strip here. We're going to measure 12.8 cm, so right about there.

I'm just going to slide my foot pack forward, take my included torque tool, and tighten this bolt down here. We'll double check that measurement. It's a little off so we'll loosen it up just a bit. Perfect. Now we'll tighten it down once again. Now we can throw our crossbar up on our vehicle and measure that out.

I'll start off by opening up my doors so it has a nice secure place to grab onto and sit. With our foot packs we want to make sure those pads are facing forward so I'm just going to flip my crossbar around, and set it on my vehicle. We can adjust that clamp so it sits completely flat there. We'll adjust this side as well. Right. With those on our vehicle and in about the correct position we're going to measure out our crossbar spread. That's going to be the measurement between the center of the front foot pack to the center of our back one. We're going to have 75 cm. All right. We'll measure out the other side. Always keep in mind that what you do to one side you want to do to the other just so everything's even. Readjust our clamp there. Sometimes it gets stuck. You just wiggle them around. They'll straighten out. It only takes minor adjustments to get this foot pack in the right spot. All right. Perfect. Now, with those in the correct spot, we're going to start by taking our torque tool once again, and we're going to tighten down this bolt here that's holding our clamp in place. I like to hold my clamp up against my door frame there and just start to tighten that down. I also like to tighten down so that the clamp is sitting flush up against our door frame, just like so. Once again, we'll do the same to the other side. This one doesn't need to be tightened quite as far. Then I just like to look from the back and make sure that my foot packs are sitting in about the same spot on our vehicle. We're actually going to adjust this one just a bit. Push it towards the other side. Perfect. I have them both sitting right up against that rain channel there. Now we'll start by tightening this down. I like to do about 5 to 10 turns on each side. You might see that foot pack move again, but that's just tightening it down, securing it in place. Going back and forth, tightening down evenly so that our foot pack doesn't pull to one side or the other. Starting to get tight. You'll know it's completely tight with our torque tool here when our skinnier end starts to straighten out. How it has that curve It'll start to straighten out there, just like so. We'll do a few more turns on this side. Perfect. Now we can close up our doors and we'll place on all of our end caps here. Place on our foot pack end cap, and we've got our key. We'll just lock that in place. You may have a little trouble. If you just wiggle that key around it'll come out. All right. With that one locked down come over to this other side and lock that one in place. Then we can take our crossbar end caps here. We're going to set those in place and take that included tool, we'll just set it in and rotate. That's just going to lock those crossbars, or lock the end caps on rather. If you have any T track mounted items, that's going to prevent any theft and tampering of those as well. That's going to be our completed look at the Rhino Rack Vortex Arrow crossbars and how they fit on our 2016 Honda CRV.

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