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Rhino-Rack Extra Large Rooftop Cargo Bag Review

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Review of the Rhino Rack Extra Large Rooftop Cargo Bag

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Rhino Rack Rooftop Cargo Bag in 21.2 cubic feet of space, part number RRLBXL. This extra large bag offers 21.2 cubic feet of cargo carrying capacity for your vehicle's roof. It fits on Rhino rack alloy trays and mesh baskets and also secures directly to your roof rack side rails. Some of the neat things about this bag is that the zippers are lockable. You can see these two holes here, at the end of the zippers. When you zip it together, they actually come together and your can put a padlock in there. That is sold separately, but it needs to have a quarter inch shackle to be able to fit in the hole.

With the zippers closed, it also is equipped with a dust flap, which is used with hook and loop closures, which is going to help create a dust proof and water tight seal so that none of your gear or your luggage gets wet or dusty from different road conditions. On the inside of the bag, the bottom is made of a 1200 denier cloth, which is really soft for your belongings in the bag. The top of it is made of a heavy duty vinyl, which is going to protect from fading and keep your luggage dry. The underside of the bag is made of a soft material. If you would be installing it directly onto your roof, if you didn't have a cargo basket or cross bars and you we're just securing it to your side rails, the bag would be resting on the roof. This material would prevent it from scratching or damaging your roof. It's 71 inches long, by 43 inches wide, by 12 inches tall.

It comes with a 1 year limited warranty. With a second set of hands, we'll go ahead and throw up the cargo bag, into our cargo basket. We'll just make sure we go ahead and center the bag in the basket, making sure all the edges are kind of equal, touching both sides. We'll go ahead and load up some gear. What we're going to do, is peel back the back part of the bag and roll it towards the front end of the vehicle. We'll just simply place in our luggage.

With all of our luggage in place, we'll just simply fold back the top part of the bag, over all of our luggage. Next, we'll go ahead and take our yellow zipper, zip up the bag and fold over the two hook and loop straps, to create a water tight seal. Before zipping it up, you'll need to make sure that all of your buckles are out of the bag and resting on the side of your vehicle. We'll go ahead and take the buckles, which are designed to wrap around the rails of your roof top cargo basket, or the side rails of your vehicle. Go ahead and take those around. Bring them back up to the top and hook it at the buckle at the top of the bag.

Tightening down this buckle is going to help secure your gear inside the bag and also going to help secure your bag to the roof rack. Once 03:09 you go ahead and repeat the same process for the rest of the buckles. We'll just repeat the same process for the other side. With those finished, we'll go ahead and secure the front of the bag, using the front 2 buckles. This roof basket does have a faring 03:26, so it might be difficult at times to get the front buckles around the front bar. Luckily, our basket is equipped with 2 skewers. We're going to wrap the buckle around that. We'll just pull it tight, buckle it in, and pull the strap. With all of our gear all loaded up, we'll go ahead and take it out for a test drive, to show you how it looks driving down the road. That'll complete today's review of the Rhino Rack Rooftop Cargo Bag, part number RRLBXL. .