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Rhino-Rack RS 2500 Vortex Aero Roof Rack Review

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Review of the Rhino Rack RS 2500 Vortex Aero Roof Rack

Today were going to be taking a look at the Rhino Rack Vortex Aero Custom Fit Roof Rack System. Rhino Rack makes a variety of custom fits for different vehicles out there so to see if we have one for you just refer to our website, One of the great advantages about the Rhino Rack Custom Fit Roof Rack System is that it comes with everything that you need for a complete roof rack. You have your bars, you have the legs. You have the custom fit. This is the clamp that goes around the roof line your vehicle. These are your pads that also go around that top portion of the roof line. You have some extra ridged strips that can replace any ones that you may damage due to whatever accessories that you want to put on there.

Youve got the tensioning tool and then you also have the end caps that go on the legs. These do come with four keys so you can lock each one of those on there securing your roof rack to your vehicle and also securing your accessories on your bars. The bars are going to offer a quiet low profile design. Theyre sleek and aerodynamic. Theyre going to be very strong, quiet and help maintain your fuel efficiency. Each bar features the rubberized vortex strips placed in the crossbars top channels. This is going to help reduce wind noise and drag.

A couple other features that those strips do is it really helps keep out the dirt and grime out of the crossbars. Its going to provide some extra cushion and slip resistance for whatever cargo you have onto your roof rack. We have the built in top channel on each bar. Thats going to let you add channel mounted carriers and accessories. Just slide back this cap here and then you can lift that up and you can place in the T-slotted carriers or accessories. Another thing that you can do is you can actually just make small incisions in here just enough to fit that accessory clamp up in there and that way you dont have to remove or cut any of your strips. It does come with some replacements.

These bars will also accommodate most clamp-on accessories. Today were going to be demonstrating this roof rack system using the silver bars but these are also available in black. Each bar is made from lightweight structural grade anodized aluminum. Its going to make them very durable and its also going to keep them resistant against rust. The bars feature an internal H-shaped extrusion. Its going to help provide exceptional bar strength throughout the entire bar. One of the great features about this roof rack system is that it pretty much comes all the way pre-installed. The legs are already attached to the bars all you need to do is attach the pads to the legs and the clamps.

Now what makes this custom is that each pad is designed to fit the contour of your roof line. Thats a great feature to have. Also each clamp is designed to fit the contour of your roof line as it goes around the door jam. They have nice pads right here and a little L-shaped bracket so its not going to scratch or scuff your door jam. Now were going to go ahead and show you how to assemble the fit kit to the crossbar system. We will be using our instruction guide. This is going to assure us that we place each pad in each clip in the right spot to best fit our vehicle. We went ahead and assembled three kits to three of our legs. Now here on our fourth one we want to go ahead and show you how to assemble it. Couple things to look for: each leg has a sticker on the inside thats going to tell you the placement of that leg. Right here it says RL thats for the rear left side of our vehicle which would be our drivers side. Theres also an arrow indicator here on our foot. These do detach very easily so we always want to make sure that the arrow indicator is pointing out away from our vehicle. Here on the pad we also have an arrow, if you can see that its right there on the pad. We always want to make sure that arrow is pointing towards the front of the vehicle. The pad just keeps into place and just like that thats installed. Then all we need to do is take our clip, this is going to go around our door jam and the bolt is going to thread into this portion here. Well take that and get the thread started. Were now ready to get the roof rack system onto our vehicle. To install the front crossbar were just going to go ahead and open up both front doors. Well then grab our front bar and place it onto the front part of our vehicle. To make sure we have this in the correct spot we need to take a measurement from the center of our door jam to the center of our leg. That measurement needs to be 250mm or 9-27/32 of an inch. Were going to line up here at the door jam of our vehicle. Were going to measure out. Were just going to try to get it in the right area and then we can adjust it as needed. Well move to the other side and repeat that same process. Doing this measurement on both sides of the vehicle just ensures that our feet are in line with each other. Its also going to help ensure that when we install the rear bar that both bars are parallel with one another. With both of those in place well go and tighten everything down. Well take the included tension tool, place it right there on the bolt and then we just want to snug one side down and then well move to the other side and tighten that up a little bit to see how that custom fit really fits nicely around the door jam of the vehicle. Now well go back over to our passenger side and well tighten some more. You can see here that the tension tool has a small curve to it. When you have everything tightened down enough thats actually going to become straight that way you can ensure yourself that you dont over tighten it and damage the finish on your vehicle. Now well go ahead and install the rear crossbar. First thing that we need to do is open up our rear doors. Then well grab our rear bar and place it onto the rear part of our roof. Now to ensure we have this bar in the correct location well need to do another measurement. That measurement is going to be 700mm or 27-9/16 of an inch. Were going to measure from the center of our front bar to the center of our rear bar. Please keep in mind that this is a custom fit and these measurements apply to this vehicle so the measurements will vary for your specific vehicle. Well go ahead and snug this side down and then we dont want to over tighten too much because you can see how it pulls the bar closer to this side so thats why we tighten a little bit at a time on each side. Our tensioning tool is straight up so we know that we got it tightened enough. Now well go ahead and install our end caps. The custom fit also comes with some stickers. These stickers are designed to be peeled off and place directly under the clamp as a reference guide for always making sure you get that clamp back in the correct position every time you remove and replace your roof rack. The system has custom cuts slightly arched crossbars that are going to compliment your vehicles roof line. The crossbars mount directly into the leg to create a smooth roof rack with no overhangs. The four legs are made from UV-treated glass reinforced nylon and theyre going to be very durable and weather resistant. This roof rack system does have a maximum load capacity but you want to be sure to refer to your vehicle manufacturers handbook for maximum roof load capacity and then youll always want to use the lower of the two figures. The crossbar dimensions are going to measure 3-1/8 of an inch in width and 1-3/16 of an inch in height. The Rhino Rack Vortex Aero Custom Roof Rack System also features a limited lifetime warranty. Now well take it out and show you it performs and what it looks like going down the road. Were out here on the highway at highway speed without our roof rack installed and with our decibel reader here you can see that without it installed youre hitting about 73-74 decibels. With this roof rack system installed you will see that there is virtually no change in the decibel reading. Thats going to do it for our review of the Rhino Rack Vortex Aero Custom Fit Roof Rack System. .

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