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Rhino-Rack Sunseeker Awning Review

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Review of the Rhino-Rack Sunseeker Awning

When it's hot, it's always nice to have a little spot to get out of the sun. It's a lot hotter out here than it is underneath the awning. So whether you are biking, maybe you're at a sporting event, tailgating, or maybe just overlanding somewhere in the middle of nowhere, well, the Rhino-Rack Sunseeker Awning is gonna bring shade to you so you're not gonna be hot wherever you go. The nice thing about the awning compared to maybe just a stand-up tent, one, it's gonna be up on our roof and it's ready to rip, two, we don't have to put it on the inside of our vehicle, so it's not really taking up any more room on the inside. I really like that. And when it comes to the crossbars and the amount of space it takes up, only about an inch and a half, which is awesome because it's not really gonna limit you from all the other accessories you like to put up on your roof.

And this, it's just ready to go on top of your vehicle, so you can drive out to wherever you wanna be and provide some shade. If only you could feel how much cooler it is underneath the awning compared to outside, you would definitely be sold on the Sunseeker. But if you wanna see how we got it all set up, stick around, we're gonna show you. So we're in the parking lot at etrailer. Let's just imagine we're at a tailgate.

So what we're gonna do is get some shade because it's hot out here, and I don't like that sun beating down on me. So step one, unzip on both sides. Once we do that, we can kind of start to undo this. We wanna get these corners up and around. We have to do it on both sides to get it to actually stay, just like that.

So now that's done. We're gonna have some hook and loops right there, if you wanna hold this up, and that will start to come out like that. And if you're doing this by yourself, it might be a little bit trickier, but I think we can get it done. So we're gonna have little poles in here that will telescope out. So once that's kinda done and loosened up, we could go ahead and start unrolling, just like that.

Then we have these little holes right here, and that's where our little poles are gonna go. So we'll take this out, fit it into that little hole, just like that. Once it's completely stretched out, we can rotate this so it's not gonna move. While we're back here, it's gonna help, it can go like this, tighten that up, kinda help pivot that. Like I said, it's gonna be a little bit easier with a friend. But sometimes you just like to get to the spot and set up so no one has to do anything whenever they get here but relax. So, now that that's done, do the same thing with this little arm here, the same little half-twist to get the leg out and then half-twist to lock it in place just like that. So we're pretty much almost done. All you gotta is just tie these down with our stakes. Now we wanna go ahead and take this little bag, it's gonna have our stakes in it, and then we're gonna take our little hook and our guy rope. So on one side of the guy rope, we're gonna have a little plastic piece. But right now, we're going to go on the other end, and you just wanna tie this off however you wanna tie it. I usually do just a double just in case so it doesn't slip. So once that is good, and it's nice and tight, what we wanna do is take our stake, then we're gonna go in on a 45-degree angle, so kinda like this with the hook facing away. Once it's like that, just go ahead and push it to the ground best you can at an angle like that. And then what we wanna do is we're going to take this, go underneath, just like that. Then we'll come up top here, and we're gonna have a little peg. That's where this hook's gonna go, just like that. So once that's on there, down low, we'll take our plastic piece, going like this, and then we can tighten it up just like that. What we wanna do with these little hook and loops, just wrap it around like that, and we're gonna have couple on each side. Just be sure to do that just so it's not gonna fly up on us. Well, that was pretty simple. Didn't take a whole lot of time, maybe about five minutes to get it all set up. But now that you saw us set it up and get it all ready, we're gonna go over some more technical specifications. The material is gonna be waterproof. So if you do have rain in the forecast, unlike us, it is gonna be waterproof. You don't have to really worry about it seeping through or anything like that. If you are going to prepare for rain, you just wanna make sure that this side is gonna be a little bit lower than that side so the rain is gonna come this way and not towards where we store the awning. So this is gonna be made of a poly-cotton material, so it is going to not fade over time. And also, with scratches and scuffs and stuff, you don't really have to worry about that. It's just a plain brown. So it's not that really exciting up here, but it does provide about 50 SPF, so it's not completely shade, but it is gonna protect your skin from getting completely fried. We are gonna have anodized aluminum, so this isn't gonna rust away over time. So this nice black finish to it is going to stay for seasons and seasons to come. That's always nice just because you never know if you're gonna be blocking from the sun or the rain. With this, it's gonna be protected against both. As far as dimensions go, we're gonna have a length of about 98 inches, and it's gonna come out about 82 inches. And with these telescoping poles, if you have some taller fellas that you may be hanging out with, it is gonna go all the way up to about seven feet, which is perfect for those taller fol you may be with, and that's gonna be on both of them. So it's always kinda nice to be able to accommodate not only for you and the kiddos but also some of those guests that you may have. You want them to be as comfortable as you can, and shade is one thing, but no one likes it, their head on anything. And this is basically about 55 square foot. So to give you kind of an idea, I could have somebody to my right and to my left, and we would be shaded when the sun's above us. But to give you an idea, comparing to this vehicle, this is a RAV4. So it covers from the back hatch all the way to the beginning of your windshield. If you are setting up in a parking lot, to give you an idea, we are taking up about a full parking space. So if you are tailgating, make sure to have an extra space on the awning side to make sure you can fully utilize the awning. If I was you, I would definitely just keep this thing up on the roof. One, it looks kinda cool, and two, it's gonna be nice and safe in the PVC housing. So once everything goes in there, you don't have to worry about any water getting in. And if some does get into the zipper for some reason, if you got extreme weather, the zipper's at the bottom so it will drain out. On the vehicle side of the awning, it's only gonna stick up a couple inches from the top of your rails, but that's all gonna depend on your roof rack and your vehicle. So if you have a taller vehicle, we can orient this bracket in a different manner. Or we have other relocation brackets and stuff on our website to get the right fit that you're looking for. We could put this on the Rhino-Rack heavy-duty bars or even the Vortex aero bars. But if you do have other types of roof racks, maybe it's a different brand, if it has some T-slot, we're gonna be able to take the hardware that comes with the kit and install it on that. But if you're like me, and I have a factory roof rack, and as we all know, they don't have tracks in them, so I won't be able to use this, but we have a lot of options here at etrailer. I personally like the SlimShady just because I don't have to buy a separate roof rack to get it installed. The SlimShady just clamps around your factory bars or any of the other bars that you may have. So SlimShady is gonna be on my vehicle, but you have options when it comes to roof racks and awnings with etrailer. If you are pretty set on the Rhino-Rack Sunseeker Awning, I would recommend that you grab the Batwing as well. So the Batwing can go on this side. It will cover the front, the side, and the back, so you'll have pretty much almost your whole entire car besides the front completely covered. Also, we do have different extensions that we can put. Some have doors. Some are just going to give you a little bit more shade. So there are a lot of options and upsize to go on with the Sunseeker. Well, if you made it this far, we pretty much went over everything besides the install. So if you wanna learn how we got this up and onto the roof rack, stick around, we're gonna show you. First things first, we wanna familiarize ourselves with the hardware. Make sure everything's here. This is what you're gonna get with the kit. So we're gonna have our brackets, we're gonna have some washers and some nuts, and then we're gonna have our options for our mounting. So today we're gonna be using these because we have the heavy-duty crossbars. But if you do have the Vortex aero bars, we'll just be using these with that. So we have four of these, but we're only gonna be using two because we're not using Vortex aero bars. So take this and fit that into the slot and slide it down. And then what we're gonna wanna do is the smaller portion of our bracket is going to go to the bars, and these holes here are gonna go on here, but we're gonna use the top one just like that. So what we wanna do is all we're gonna do is use a washer and nut, just like that. Slide that aside and do the same exact thing for this one. And I'm gonna leave 'em loose for now. We'll tighten 'em up a little bit more later. The way I'm doing this is a little bit different just because I'm gonna do this by myself. So what you could do if you have an extra set of hands is take the brackets and install 'em on your bars first. But that's gonna require an extra set of hands. I don't have that, but we can get around that. So what I did was I took a 13-millimeter socket and tighten it up a little bit just so it's pretty much flat, but I can still move it. And then I took a measuring tape, and I measured from the center of the C-channel on one bar to the center of the C-channel on the other bar to kinda get an idea of exactly how much space I'm gonna need so it's kind of close. So now I'm gonna repair the bottom. And to do that, we're gonna take our thicker little bracket just because we are using the heavy-duty crossbars. What we're gonna do is take this bolt, and it's just gonna go in with a washer and a lock nut. We'll put the lock nut on first and the other washer just like this. Just get that threaded just a little bit. We don't wanna thread it all the way down, just to where it's just about to pop out on the other side. We could do that on the other bracket as well. So now we can go ahead and grab this and put it up. What I'm gonna do is just get one in channel. And if your measurements are right, you can get the other one in the channel pretty easily. And it will just sit right there, so I'm gonna get it right to the edge and then go ahead and tighten it down. We're gonna take the same exact socket and wrench to tighten that up, and then we can go ahead do the same exact thing over here, and we'll do that on both sides. Now's a good time to figure out if your hatch is gonna open. The way I positioned it, I want it to be close so it's not really overhanging a whole lot in the front. So it's pretty even on my roof, and I can open up my rear hatch. Once everything is installed and nice and solid, we can go ahead and load up our roof rack with whatever else we wanna put up there, and we can go out to wherever you wanna go and provide some shade. All in all, it's nice to have a spot where everybody can just sit down and relax. Whether you're kayaking, at the farm, or whatever it is, it's always nice to be comfortable, especially with the kiddos. So with the Rhino-Rack Sunseeker Awning, it really does make any spot a nice shaded area so you guys can sit back and relax. Again, I'm Adam with etrailer, and this is the Rhino-Rack Sunseeker Awning..

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