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Rightline Ace Rooftop Cargo Bag Review

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Review of the Rightline Ace Rooftop Cargo Bag

Today were going to be taking a look at the Rightline Ace Rooftop Cargo Bag. This offers 15 cubic feet of storage space and it is water resistant. Its part number is RL100A20. The waterproof material is made of 600-genier woven polyester and thats backed up with a nice heavy-duty PVC inner liner. As you can see weve got our bag fully open here, it opens three-quarters of the way around so this is going to allow for really easy loading and unloading of your gear. It opens with a nice big mouth, so we can get our stuff stacked in here, and then we simply bring that top cover around which stays attached because the full front coming all the way across is going to stay connected there. Now were going to load it down with some gear, get our straps wrapped around it and well go over some more features with you. As you can see weve got a nice coating in here thats going to help keep that water out. The material has a UPF 50 rating.

This helps to protect against those UV rays and to prevent fading. As you can see there is a nice double-zipper design. Now for locking the zippers theyve got large holes here, they can easily be locked up with a master lock. We recommend part number 131D. It does a really good job of this. Our zippers are protected under a nice water resistant flap thats going to help keep any of that moisture out of our gear that weve got inside.

The cargo bag is going to offer us very easy loading and unloading. Its designed to open three-quarters of the way, so it will open all the way to this corner, it will go all the way around the rear and back up the other side leaving just the front intact, which allows us to fold it over easily and get out stuff in there. Our cargo bag offers a wide variety of mounting options. As we have it set up here weve got it with factory cross rails on our vehicle. What weve done for our side straps is that weve just connected them into the connection point that are at the end of the cross rail. Those run over to the same point on the other side of the vehicle, and we simply suction them down with our strap.

The ones that run from the rear to the front, we lift those, right around their cross rails, run it up over the top of the bag. Any time you run a strap around the bag be sure that you take it through the D-loop thats going to keep it from moving side to side on here. For mounting on naked roofs we have two options. One would be to take the two straps that we have running side to side and attaching those together and taking the two straps so we have running front to back and attaching those together. We can then bring them around the top of our bag, through our D-loops and actually with our door open we run it right through the inside of the car. We then connect the straps at the bottom and suction them down.In this sense you only have two straps that are going to be holding your bag, will be completely around the bag, through the inside of your car and back up connected here.Another option that we have, we dont want to take the straps through the middle of the car and take up space inside.

They offer a car clip thats designed to hook on right underneath the roofline of the vehicle. Part number on that is RL100600. Those are simply attached here just how weve got it wrapped around our cross rail. Then just come over here and clip right underneath the roofline for us. Now that we have our cargo bag loaded down with some gear, lets take it out and get some go-proof footage so you can see what it looks like in action. That will complete todays look at the Rightline Ace Water Resistant Rooftop Cargo Bag with 15 cubic feet of storage space. Part number RL100A20. .

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