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Rightline Gear Moki Door Step Review

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Review of the Rightline Gear Moki Door Step

Evangeline: Hi, it's Evangeline from, and today we are looking at our Rightline Gear Moki Doorstep here at etrailer. This is a great tool to have in your car or in your garage because it just hooks into the side of your door and you can easily step on it, so you have a stress free experience whenever you need to get on your roof or attach all your accessories you need. The doorstep is super strong. It has a weight capacity of 400 pounds, which is beyond what you will ever need. And also has this nice design here at the top. We have these grooves here so that when you do step on it, you have that traction and you don't have to worry about slipping off your doorstep as compared to slipping off the side of your car.

If you look here on the back and bottom, it has this strong rubber end, and this is designed to just attach securely against your vehicle so that it doesn't slip out of the way.It's very easy to get up on. I like to use the vehicle safety handles and I first step onto the side and then onto the step. And it's just a step ladder, so that was really easy to use and attach. And from here, I can reach towards the end of my cargo carrier, which is great because I can't do that just standing on the side of my vehicle. I use this all the time here in our garage when I install roof racks or put cargo carriers in, and other situations you might need to use this for is when you wash your car or when you need a brush off snow off the top of your truck because especially if you have a taller vehicle, you do need that extra step and that extra height to get up there, strap things in without fear of falling.For install, it's super easy.

The first thing you need to do is get the step, open the door, hook into this side, just like that, and see how it has a rubber end that sits back and firmly against your door side. And then you just step on it and that's it. It works the same way on your back doors. Just put that and hook it right in there. Because we do have a slope on the side, the rubber step does secure itself to the back, but it is an angle, so just keep that in mind when you're stepping on it.So final thoughts about this doorstep is well, it's very obvious how much it helps me since I'm a short person and it's very difficult for me to reach up there when I need to attach things to my roof racks, but for other people, even my taller friends here, they use this a lot since it helps so that they're not stretching out too far or straining their back.

So really anyone can use this step. And I really like how strong and how sturdy it is when you step on it, you need something that you can rely on and trust to keep you up. And this is one of those things. So is the Moki Doorstep. And let's take a look at some of the questions my coworkers had about it in our discussion about it.

What's your opinion of the doorstep Evangeline: I use it all the time here. As you might not have noticed, but I'm a little navigationally challenged and it's really easy to just pop right in there and just step on it. So I like that a lot because then I'm not stepping on people's seats and some of them have really nice seats inside, which I don't want to get dirty. So it's really just a step on and crawl in there, do whatever I need to do up there. So I like it a lot. I use it a lot. It is a little challenging. Well, it's not challenging for me, but you can only use one foot on there. You can't really fit both feet. So that's just something you kind of have to balance with. I wouldn't use it to, if I have to lift the whole bike up into maybe a bike rack up there, I wouldn't just rely with just one foot for balance while carrying a bike because that might throw me off balance, but for strapping things down, putting something in cargo carrier, tightening bolts, that's what I used this for. When your foot is on there, does it feel really stable Evangeline: Yes. It does. I will do it again just because it's so quick to do. Yeah, because what I feel when I stand on there is the way that the rubber goes against the door. So you definitely feel that angle and the way it attaches to the U bolt. So I'm here and I can move around a little bit and because of the rubber on the end, it's not slipping around. So it also has the grooves on it, which helps give my shoe traction. So it feels very stable. It feels very secure. I've never been worried about falling off or slipping off of the step or the step coming off. Speaker 3: And I will say as somebody who probably weighs a little bit more, whenever I get up onto it, it doesn't make me feel like it's going to bend all or anything like that. It's pretty sturdy, I feel like, for most, and I talked with Zach and he feels the same way, almost everybody that uses it is like, "I'm not worried about it bending or breaking or popping off." Evangeline: It feels very solid when you crosstalk 00:05:36 it too, it feels solid. When you step on it, it feels solid. It is solid.` Speaker 3: What was your question You're comfortable with that U bolt will hold even heavier people Speaker 3: Yep. Evangeline: Yes. So the description says it can, has a capacity about 400 pounds and we're nowhere near 400 pounds. So honestly, I actually feel like that's taking into consideration if you have to lift things onto your roof. That might add to the weight capacity and yeah. I've lifted or I've helped left the cargo basket, or a cargo carrier onto there while I'm on this step, and it's fine. Okay. Do you think using that that there's any area of the roof that you wouldn't be able to access, Evangeline: You are only limited by your height. Like for me, we put the cargo carrier as far towards the middle or the other end as we could because usually we have it closer to the side. So it's easier for me to reach into, but even, but with this step, I can reach very, pretty far into it. I've helped install the other side, the clamps on the other side of the cargo carrier because that's how far I can reach. So it definitely helps reach in there. And if you do have a cargo, but this is a large carrier, so it really helps when you're storing luggage in there, you can push it back because you can reach a lot more as compared to if you're standing here. Look how far can I can reach, barely halfway. I also like grabbing it and running to the other door, popping that in standing there, running to the other side, popping in there. So it helps make the whole process a lot faster. Yeah. Where would you store that Is there any place in the interior of that car to store it Would it fit in a glove box or a console Evangeline: Yeah, it can fit in a . I won't open this glove box because it's filled with a bunch of papers and stuff, but yes, it can fit into a glove box, especially if yours is a bit deeper or if you don't have as much stuff inside. You can also . It fits underneath our seat right here. It would fit into the netting. I have a pocket behind my seats in my car that I could pop that into. It's really small and I don't see it like . Actually, well, I guess it would slide around a little bit, but you could just put it in the pocket somewhere. Yeah. Sure. Evangeline: It fits in there. Well, that looks like a cool little product. Speaker 4: Does it fold at all or is it just kind of- Speaker 3: crosstalk 00:08:50 No. Evangeline: inaudible 00:08:51 position, it doesn't fold, which I think a good thing because then you don't have to worry about any joints or hinges getting damaged. It's just super, it's just solid. Speaker 3: Yeah, it's welded on there, so there's no moving it. Evangeline: crosstalk 00:09:10 Yeah. So honestly I think you're just limited by if you want to step on it or not. I've used it so many times. I'm not afraid to jump on it, but you just have to trust that it secures, especially the way the hook is made, I think that it latches on very well. So it doesn't shake around. Since it's made of, I think it's airplane grade aluminum, it's actually kind of . It's light, feels sturdy at the same time. So that's really good.So that was a discussion my coworkers and I had about this doorstep. I hope it answered any questions you might have about this product. And that was a look at the Rightline Gear Moki Doorstep here at

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