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Rightline Pop-Up Tent Review

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Review of the Rightline Pop-Up Tent

Today, we'll be taking a look at the Rightline Gear Two Person Pop-up Tent. Part number RL110995. A couple of the great features of the Rightline Pop-up Tent is how easily it sets up and breaks down. In order to do this, it uses flexible fiber glass framing. It springs open instantly into a tent shape and folds compactly for storage. It's simple for one person to put up alone and it's also easy for kids to set up by themselves. The water resistant fabric in the sealed tent seams helps to protect you from the rain and snow.

The tent bottom is also water resistant so a ground tarp is not needed. It sleeps two adults. It weighs about four and three quarter pounds and it has a one year warranty. The Rightline Gear Two Person Pop-up Tent comes inside this nice case. We'll go ahead and open it up, take it out of the case then we need to undo our orange strap and as you can see, it just pops right up. It has these nice fiber glass poles with strings that allow it to automatically take the form it needs to so we can enjoy a nice camping trip with a comfortable tent. Inside of your carrying case is this little bag.

Inside of this bag are the stakes that we can use to stake down our tent and we can use for our guy lines. We'll take six of our stakes so that we can use them for our six anchor points to secure our tent to the ground. We'll use the orange loose 00:01:24 here to stick our stake through and then we'll firmly press them into the ground. We'll make our way around to the five other ones and repeat that process. Our guy lines come pre-attached which is a great additional feature of this tent.

What we'll do is under our guy lines, we want to be sure you get all the knots out. You simply just put our stake through one of the loops on here. You can also wrap this around your stake a couple of times for additional security and tie it off further up the guy line if you need to. With our door fully open, we'll go ahead and close our vent here. This is our no-see-um mesh. This allows us to have a screen door.

That way if the weather is nice, we can sit in our tent, enjoy the nice weather or if we're away from it during the day, we can allow it to cool off. It has two zippers, one that goes around the top and the side and then the other zipper here at the bottom. Our exterior flap is zipped up the same way with the two zippers or if we just want to use the screen, you can roll it up and store it away for the time being. Another great feature of this tent are the two windows, one on each side. In order to unzip them, we need to be on the inside, unzip the tent, and we're right there. It also has the roll-up feature so we can roll up, bring our tie down around and set it through the loop. Here's the rear of the tent. We have a condensation vent. You can either fold this up and keep it closed like that or you can undo it with the hook-and-loop, bring out your support, put it in and it's going to hold it out. This is going to keep condensation from building up on the ceiling of your tent on those cooler nights. All right, now we're ready to take down our tent. I already removed the three guy line stakes and the six stakes that were surrounding our tent. When taking the tent down, we want to make sure that we have some of our vents open. This is going to allow air to escape when we're folding up our tent. That way we don't big air pockets while our tent is folded. We'll start on the backside. In order to fold up the tent, we need to bring this end up and do the same for the front. Then we'll bring our tent together here in the middle. We'll set it up on its end, push down, and then bring our top over like that to make an oval. We lift up our tent with it in the oval position, stand it on its side and then what I'll do is I'll bring my left hand forward and right hand backward, making a figure 8. Then once we have it in the figure 8 position, we can bring one end over the other creating our circle to be stored away. We bring our straps around our tent and buckle them together and then tighten the excess strap. We'll take our tent, slide it into our bag. We want to be sure to include our baggy that holds our stakes and then we can zip it up. That's going to complete today's review of the Rightline Gear Two Person Pop-up Tent. Part number RL110995.