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Rightline Gear Sport 2 Rooftop Cargo Bag Review

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Review of the Rightline Gear Sport 2 Rooftop Cargo Bag

What's up, everybody It's AJ with Today, we're going to be checking out this Sports 2 Rooftop Bag from Rightline. It's perfect for if you have a vehicle like this. It's kind of small. There's not a lot of room for everything. You get all that extra cargo you're bringing with you for your trip up and on the roof and out of everybody's way.

I think this is an awesome option no matter how big your vehicle is, if you have a roof rack on there, if it's a naked roof, because you never know when you're going to need the bag until you need it. From personal experience, one time I was taking a trip to the Lake with my friends. I lost a game of rock paper scissors, and my bag was the one that got strapped to the roof. There was no bag. There was no box.It was a bad idea.

So I spent two hours looking at the top of the roof going, "I hope my bag stays there". If only I'd this folded up in the back trunk or something, or with me, I'd have been way more comfortable putting my gear in this and strapping it to the roof rather than using a ratchet strap on the roof, which is not what you're supposed to do. You have quite a few different options when it goes to carrying your cargo on your roof. It depends on if you have a roof rack, or if it's a naked roof, or if you want a hard shell box instead. Those are pretty popular.

They we're definitely going to protect from the elements, but you're kind of restricted to the space it gives you. There's no pushing on that hard shell to get just that one more bag in there.Plus, the things are pretty big and you got to find space for it in the garage when you go to take it off. That's why I think the soft top bag here is the way to go. And when you're not using it, you can roll it up and fit it in its own little carrying case it comes with and just throw in the back of your car. It's out of the way.

Just because it's not a hard shell rooftop box, doesn't mean it's not going to keep the weather out. It's made out of a PVC-coated polyester, which is going to keep the rain out. I'm going to pour some water on there and just show you what I'm talking about.As you saw, the water didn't pull up and ran right off and it's protected. The water ran down here and went over where the zipper seam is. It's protected by its own weather strip, so it will not be exposed to the elements. Even back here where the two zippers meet, it's got a nice hook and loop fastener there to cover them up.The bag itself is very versatile. It's made to fit your roof if you have a naked roof, factory roof rack, or an aftermarket roof rack. It's set up up here at the buckles. We're going to use today just the two on each side, because we're using it as a naked roof. The extra buckle up here, and there's one on the back, and the other two sides, is to go around the roof rack and come back up here just for extra security. While we're up here, I like that the buckles are attached to the top of the bag. It's not just some add-on strap that goes around the top and pulled down tight. It gives me more confidence that it's attached to the bag. Plus I can't lose it. Let's follow the strap down here and look at the car flip or hook that goes inside of the door jam. It's a rubber-coated hook, or car clip as they call it. That won't damage your vehicle when it comes in contact over there, won't scratch or anything. So it's got that nice rubber coating.This bag is going to give you plenty of extra room for your cargo. Inside, it measures 15 cubic feet, and on the outside, it's 44 inches long by 36 inches wide. Now, it does have a tapered design and you'd see that if we had it fully loaded with boxes, they give you plenty of flat shapes to show it. But we decided to load it with real cargo to show you what it looks like when you're throwing your stuff in there. So let's take a look at how we got it installed. When you go to throw your bag up on the roof, make sure you remember to put your logo up front and the zipper towards the back. The front can handle the wind and the rain way better without the seams and stuff in there. You don't have to worry about it with the zipper.I went out and laid out all the cargo that we got out of the vehicle for our trip that we're going to load up on top in the bag. You'd see it takes up quite a bit of space just here on the floor. Let's start loading the bag. Silence 00:03:54 Go ahead and zip it closed.And make sure when you zip it closed that you get the zippers underneath the flap here. It just further protects the zippers from the elements. It may not have looked like it when we had all this stuff on the floor, but we got it all in here just fine. There's even room to spare in this bag to add some more stuff if we had more cargo. Let's go ahead and strap it down. We're going to attach the strap to the buckle here. Before I do that, I want to open up the door just in case I let this fall down and you don't want the clamp at the end ting-tinging against the window or anything like that. We're going to attach our strap here to this buckle, run the strap up and through the front of the buckle with the teeth, and then back down through the other side.And now it's nice and fastened in there. We're going to attach it in our door seal here. Inside of the vehicle here, we're going to put it behind this lip. So it attaches there. You can see me pulling on it. It's not going anywhere. The hook's going to stay in place, especially when we slam the door on it. Awesome part about attaching to this lip in here is that it's going to stay there when you go to shut the door. Sometimes, we found on other vehicles, when you try and use the hooks up here on the metal, or on this part here, they kind of fall right out when you walk away. So you kind of have to hold the strap and then shut the door, which is kind of a pain. That's going to stay there and be fine when we shut the door.Yeah, a nice seal on your door. That's going to protect from the hook or anything like that. It's not going to damage your vehicle. Let's give it a couple of pulls. You can see it in there. The hooks not going anywhere, staying in place. So that's going to help keep your bag on your roof. Before we tighten our first strap we've installed, I'm going to go ahead around the vehicle and attach the other three straps. That way we can pull them down evenly when it's time to tighten them down. Once we get all our straps set up, it's time to tighten down. Now, just a little tip: when you're going to tighten down, make sure they're straight up and down. You don't want to be having it hooked up here and then pulling this way to tighten. It's just going to be weird. It's not going to tighten down as well to the roof of your vehicle. So just come by here, pull up on the strap, get it nice and tight.I'm going to kind of go around a couple of times and tighten it as I go to make sure it's nice and even. I've gone around and tightened down all the straps and just to make sure, let's give it the old shake test. I'm trying to get ahold of the bag and move it. I'm actually shaking the whole car. So that's awesome. Straps are all good, tightened down. I'm confident the bag is going to make it on our trip. Not worried about it. Now I'll take care of the access strap here. That's really up to you, how you do it. I'm just going to try and tie it the best I can here.If you have a better way, let us know. That's as tight as I can. That's just good to keep that there and not flap around in the wind or anything. I finished tying up all those extra straps. I also went around the vehicle and checked it one more time and make sure those hooks we're up and under there and locked into that lip, just in case when I was shaking the bag back and forth and it came loose. It didn't, so I'm confident it's going to stay there for my trip. I'm glad that I got all my stuff out of the car and up into the bag and making more leg room for all my passengers. That makes all for a way better driving experience. That does it for our look at the Rightline Sports 2 roof bag. I hope this helped..

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