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Rightline Gear Sport Jr. Rooftop Cargo Bag Review

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Review of the Rightline Gear Sport Jr. Rooftop Cargo Bag

What's up, everybody It's A.J. With Today, we're going to be checking out the Rightline Gear Sports Jr bag. It's great for getting all that cargo out of your vehicle and up on the roof, giving everybody more leg room.I think this bag is just great to have because when you're not using it, you just roll it up, throw it in the trunk of your vehicle, and you have it because you don't know you need it until you need it. One time I was going to the lake with a bunch of friends. I lost the game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, and my bag was the one that got strapped to the roof.

And we didn't have a bag. We didn't have a hard rooftop box or anything, or even a carrier. So my bag was improperly strapped to the top of the roof. And for two hours, I was looking out, making sure my baggage wasn't flying off. Don't let that happen to you.The Sports Jr is great because it's not just a bag that straps your roof.

It's got four tie-down points if you have a naked roof, and if you're using a factory roof rack or an aftermarket roof rack, you have these extra points up here you can tie down for that extra strike. This would have helped me out a whole bunch having this. It's not just a bag strapped to the roof or some ratchet straps. This is a weatherproof bag designed for this with four points that tie it down and make sure it's not going anywhere.There's a lot of different options to carry cargo on your roof. You get a hard top roof box, or you could get a bag like this.

They both have their pros and cons. The hard top roof box is a big roof box. I mean, you're going to have to have space for that in your garage, and you're kind of stuck with whatever space it gives you on the inside. The bag, however, can be folded up, like I said before, and thrown in the trunk, or you could manage the maybe weight of a couple extra items in there pushing the bag to its limits.The bag itself is made out of a PVC-coated polyester. So, that's going to protect it against wind, water, any of the elements you're going to run into in your travels.

Let's go and test it out.As you can see, the water rolls right off the bag and out of the way. So, it just shows you, it's not getting in there.Now, let's take a close look at the zipper. The zipper itself has a nice rubber coating over it. That way, it's also protected from the elements as well. Next to this, you can see the even more protection is this hook-and-loop flap that goes over where the two zippers meet, add an extra protection to them so that they don't get harmed, either.You heard me compare the bag to a hard shell roof box, and those are nice because they have the locks built into them. If you're worried about security, you can add a padlock here to the two zippers and make sure it stays locked, and no one else is getting in there.Our buckles are mounted to the bag, which is awesome. You don't have to worry about losing them. You just run your strap up there through the buckle, tighten it up. The strap itself, very durable. As you can see, there's not going to be any ripping and tearing today.We'll come down and look at the car clip in the seal or the doorjamb of the vehicle. It's rubber coated, so it's not going to cause any damage to the interior car or the outside when you slam the door on it, like this.The Sports Jr really is a versatile bag. It'll fit on a naked roof like we got here. We can fit it on a roof rack, which, if it's factory or aftermarket, both work, or set it down inside a cargo basket to keep it strapped down. The inside of the bag gives you 10 cubic feet to work with. It's also 36 inches long by 30 inches wide, and then it stands about 16 inches tall.Now, it's not perfect looking right now. It's a little lumpy, but that's because we decided instead of filling full of boxes that make it look nice and perfect, we're going to load it with the gear that you're going to load it with. So, let's see how we did it.Before we throw the bag up there though, I'd like to mention, you should probably get the Rightline Rooftop pad. It's good to throw this on the roof of your vehicle and kind of protect it and add some extra grip to the bag when you go to throw it up there. That way, when you're loading up your items, it's got a little more of a cushion at the bottom of the bag, protecting your roof.Going to try and get it as in the middle as possible . it looks good and flat. Let's throw the bag up there. When you go to throw the bag up there, make sure you do it with the logo facing the front of the vehicle and the zipper facing the back. The front is made to be a little more resistant, and plus, it's aerodynamic, that way the wind travels up and over it and protects the zipper against the elements, such as wind and water.I laid our gear out on the floor, just so you can see how much space it takes up here. We're going to try and fit all of this in the bag on the roof today, which gets it on the vehicle, and it gives plenty of leg room to everybody riding with me. (silence) Zip it closed, make sure you put both zippers here under the flap, and then put the flap down over it. The hook and loop will keep it down and protect it from the elements.Now, we're ready to strap down our bag. I've already installed three of the straps on it already, but I haven't pulled them tight yet. You kind of want to do that evenly. So, I'll show you how this one goes on and then we'll go around the car and tighten them down.Now on top, we're going to thread our strap through our buckle here. Next, you come in through the back portion first. Then, bring it through the front. That way, when you pull down on it, it tightens to the roof. Now, we'll come inside, and this vehicle, in particular, has a lip on the inside. So, weather strip here. It's perfect just to attach that clip to, and you see I'm pulling on it. It's not damaging anything or making any marks. The rubber coating helps protect the inside of your vehicle. Now, we'll shut the door on it, and show you how it stays in place. Let's go ahead and tighten it down.Get it nice and tight. It looks good. I've been around the vehicle a couple times, checking and tightening them down evenly to make sure they're on there nice and tight. Let's give it a shake test.You can see, I'm shaking the entire car, but the bag wasn't moving. So, I think the tight straps, along with the mat, is going to make sure that bag stays in place on your trip.Now it's tied down, and we know it's tied down, we're going to take the excess strap, and just go ahead and tie it up. Keep it out of the way. That way, it's not flapping around the wind. It's a lot of different ways to do this. There you go.With all the excess strap taken care of, I went ahead and checked all the hooks and make sure they're nice and dug in, the bag's not going to go anywhere. I'm confident it's going to last my entire trip, no problems. Plus, all my passengers are way happier with all the cargo up on top. They got more leg room. That's going to make for a better trip overall.That does it for our look at the Rightline Sports Jr bag. Hope this helped..

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